Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Meet our Sixth Form Leadership Team 2017-18…


Jordan Jones – Head Boy

I was new to the Ridgeway in Year 12 and was placed into a new environment with no experience of being there, but after a few days I felt welcomed by the staff and students alike and I am now proud to call myself a Ridgeway student. So it is my goal as Head Boy to put the same enthusiasm and hard work back in to the Sixth Form as it has put into me. I have my own aspirations but at the same time want to help others achieve theirs too because that is who I am; persevering, friendly and hard working.


Beth Durston – Head Girl

In my 6 years at The Ridgeway School, I have witnessed an incredible amount of change and growth that has, and will continue to inspire the students of The Ridgeway School community.  I am delighted to become Head Girl and have the opportunity to give back to the school that has helped to develop and shape me as a person. I am currently studying A Level Music, Drama and PE, with further aspirations to study Music at university. Being Head Girl is an incredible opportunity, and I am very grateful and excited to work alongside the fantastic leadership team here.

Grace Cloughton – Deputy

I am a sporty, hard working student who is easily approachable. I’ve been at the school since Year 7 and have created bonds with students of all years through becoming part of the sports leaders organisation and taking the roles of peer mentor and prefect. These have enabled me to gain a better understanding of the school, the expectations of others and advance my interpersonal relationships with people of all ages: parents, teachers and pupils.

I’ve currently studying English Literature, History and Law and am advancing my understanding and ability in these subjects by completeing the EPQ. With these subjects I hope to become a teacher of secondary students or above.


Catriona Rogers – Deputy

l am currently studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Graphics and I am aspiring to complete a Master’s degree in Product Design Engineering. I am happy to know that I am one of the new deputies of R6 and I will use the role to help further the Sixth Form in any way that I can. Being at the Ridgeway since Year 7 has enabled me to watch the school grow and change for the better, and now that I am working alongside the leadership team, it will allow me to influence others and give back to our community, not just out school. The new year is going to be a challenging, yet amazing year for all of us.

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