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Meet our Sixth Form Leadership Team 2021-22

Isabel Faria - Head Girl

Hello! My name is Izzy and I'm really thrilled to be Head girl. This is an incredible opportunity and I am so honoured to be able to represent a school that means so much to me.

This role has already developed and nurtured my leadership skills and confidence, something I'm very grateful for, and I want to use this opportunity to promote kindness and acceptance, as well as ensure that everyone gets the most from their experience at Ridgeway.

Currently studying Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths with a real passion for learning, I am really enjoying the process of preparing for the next stage of university.

However, in my last year at Ridgeway I want to give back as much as I can to a community that has inspired me and make positive contributions to school life for the benefit of others. As we as a student leadership team continue to liaise between the students and teachers, I'm very excited for what the next year will bring.

Don't know what your plans for photos are? Happy to help out with whatever is easiest. Let me know if the blurb is ok!

Just to let you know, we will have the induction video sent to you by Friday and I have nearly finished the proposal for what we want to achieve while we celebrate pride!

Callum Thomas - Head Boy

Hi I'm Callum and I am delighted to be the Ridgeway School's head boy for the next year. Having enjoyed my time here since Year 7, I have been afforded a plethora of opportunities both academically and via extracurricular activities, as such, hopefully, as a Student Leadership Team, we can provide even more great opportunities for every member of R6 and ensure that everyone's interests are accommodated for.

Additionally, given the disrupted nature of school life in the last year, it is our hope that we can reintroduce some of the staples of our great Sixth Form, as well as introducing some exciting new ideas of our own!

Currently studying A Level History, Politics and Drama, I am passionate about both the Arts and Sport and thus hope to incorporate a diverse range of opportunities for all students that will be conducive to both academic and personal success. I am eagerly looking forward to getting started and working alongside the Student Leadership Team to ensure that everyone gets the best possible R6 experience.

Alina Safina - Deputy Head Girl

Hiya! My name is Alina and I am delighted to be this years Deputy Head Girl. I am thrilled to work alongside the leadership team and students to create an even more exciting and supportive community. Ridgeway has helped many of us to gain confidence and I am very grateful I get the opportunity to do the same for others. I aim to collaborate with R6 committees to bring more academic and social events, as well as building a support system for the students. It's an honour to represent the school and take part in its activities. I am currently studying Politics, Law and German at A-Level, with an aim to study International Relations and Politics (with a Modern Language) degree at University next year.

James Rankin-Acosta - Deputy Head Boy

Hi, I'm James and I am excited to be your Deputy Head Boy at The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College. As a student who has been a part of The Ridgeway School community since year 7, I am thrilled to be able to represent such an amazing and wonderful place, that has been influential in my development as a person. Furthermore, I am looking forward to working with the Student Leadership Team and listening to you guys as students and teachers to continue to improve the school. Currently, at R6 I am studying Maths, Economics, Chemistry and Further Maths, with aspirations to Study Economics at university.

Heads of Charity Committee: Nin Cabral & Melani Arachchi Alupola

Heads of Social Committee: Ellis Holmes & Roger Mubangzi

Heads of Wellbeing Committee: Katie Weston & Georgina Baker

Heads of Arts Committee: Charlotte Sinclair & Sarnai Sainbayar

Heads of Sports Committee: Tadhg O'Callaghan & Aimee Bailey

Deputy Head of Sports Committee: Pierce Williams & Ellie Wallace

Heads of Eco Committee: Dan Tubb, Laura Pulevea & Elenca Figueria

Heads of Student Outreach Team: Millie Bills & Kelly Vashe

Academic Support Leads: Evie Mirza & Sydelle Mendes

Pastoral Support Leads: Fiona Rai & Analise Frimpong

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