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Meet our Sixth Form Leadership Team 2018-19

Tomasz Sendra – Head Boy

Hi, I’m Tomasz and I am honoured to be Head Boy of The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form. I am currently studying for my A-levels which are in Chemistry, Geography, and History. My goal for the future is to graduate university with an MBA. Being Head Boy is an amazing opportunity, and it allows me to influence others and give back to our community. I am delighted to be part of a fantastic leadership team and to play a part in helping the school in any way I can.

Morenike Funsho – Head Girl

I have been at this school for almost a year and the community created by The Ridgeway students has inspired me to further the Sixth Form and Ridgeway as a whole. Being given the opportunity to represent students as Head Girl is a great honour, and whilst in this position I aim to give back into our school. For A-Levels, I am currently studying English Literature, History and Philosophy and Ethics, whilst advancing my knowledge of society through my EPQ Project, with further aspirations to study Law at university. Year 13 presents a very demanding, yet astonishing year for all us, but the Sixth Form representatives and I are ready to take any challenges head on.

Isaac Orr – Deputy Head Boy

Joining just a few weeks late in Year 7 I’ve had the full Ridgeway experience, from being a peer mentor leading into being a prefect; I’ve always been part of the group of enthusiastic students who strive to gain as much as experience as possible while having as positive impact as I can. I’m really excited to see the impact of my ideas and what I can give back to this amazing school as they have provided so many opportunities and experiences to me. My aforementioned roles mean I have a comprehensive grasp on the desires of all the year groups and I really hope I can fulfill them as a major goal of mine is to further integrate the year groups. I’m very appreciative of the role and am deeply looking forward to productive collaboration with all of the leadership team.

Georgia Spry – Deputy Head Girl

I have attended The Ridgeway School since Year 7 and there has always been endless opportunities for me to learn new skills and gain new experiences to prepare me for my future. I am delighted to be the Deputy Head Girl and I look forward to giving something back to this amazing school and community. I also look forward to working with the Leadership Team to help improve the Sixth Form in the best way possible. I have many ideas, much of which have come from you the students, to make student life here the best it can be.

This next year will be challenging with A-level exams and helping the upcoming Year 12s. So, I hope to make this year as smooth and as enjoyable as I can for all students. I am currently studying Maths, Chemistry and Physics with the hope of going to university in September of 2019.

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