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The work of the Local Board of Governors

The Local Board of Governors (LBG) plays a central role in the management of the Academy, with its main aim to drive up standards of achievement for all students, and to make sure that resources are used well to give every student the best possible education. It does not involve getting involved in the day to day running of the Academy, which is the responsibility of the Principal and staff; and it does not carry direct statutory responsibilities and accountability for the performance of the Academy, which are carried by the White Horse Federation (WHF) Board of Directors. Instead the role is to monitor, challenge, support and give advice.

The Local Governing Board (LGB)


The Ridgeway School is part of the The White Horse Federation (TWHF) Multi Academy Trust. TWHF Board of Trustees are legally responsible and accountable for the statutory functions, but have clearly identified the areas of responsibility which they have delegated to the LGBs.

The LGB is made up of a mixture of staff, parents and co-opted governors, to provide a balance of skills, expertise and stakeholder representation. For example, parent governors are vital to the LGB as they ensure that highest priority is given to the concerns and issues which are most important to our parents, and ensure that the LGB is kept in close touch with parent opinion. Co-opted governors bring specific experience from their working life, such as Safeguarding, Health & Wellbeing, and governance. In addition, Associate Governors can be appointed to provide advice/support in specific areas, or for specific projects if, and when needed.  A brief summary of the key responsibilities and expectations of governors is shown below:


Governors are appointed to provide:

  • strong links between our academy and the community we serve
  • a wide experience of the outside world
  • an independent view
  • a focus on long term development and improvement
  • support and challenge for the Principal and staff


Governors are expected to:

  • attend meetings of (usually Mondays or Thursdays 5.15-7.15ish) –
  • the full local governing body (6/year)
  • 1 committees (3-6 meetings/year)
  • visit school as a ‘Governor Champion’ and report back
  • work as a member of the LGB (not as an individual) in the best interests of the academy and the WHF
  • show an interest in academy activities
  • become well-informed about education in general and about our academy in particular
  • become familiar with the rules of governance within the WHF
  • keep up to date with changes in education legislation
  • attend training courses, where appropriate


Governors are also involved in:

  • senior staff appointments
  • student discipline panels
  • parental complaints
  • staff discipline/appeals
  • the curriculum
  • community links


Benefits of being a governor:

  • the knowledge that you are helping our students
  • the satisfaction of giving something back to the community
  • a sense of purpose and achievement
  • new skills which may be useful elsewhere
  • broader horizons


What governors give:

  • time (approximately six to ten hours a month)
  • a willingness to learn
  • a listening ear and enquiring mind
  • the ability to assimilate information, ask questions, make judgements and take decisions
  • the ability to work as part of a team

A Word from the Chair (Liz Palfrey)


I have been a governor for over ten years, and Chair of Governors since 2013. I am very fortunate to be part of a dedicated team of governors, who are willing to put in time to help ensure the best progress and overall education for every student within the Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College. We see this as a combination of both academic success, and involvement in extracurricular activities (for example: sporting, music & drama and support in the community).

As part of The White Horse Federation (TWHF), the statutory obligations of governors are dealt with centrally by TWHF Board of Trustees. This allows us as governors of a Local Governing Board to focus on providing challenge and support for improvements in teaching and learning and the curriculum. As the LGB Chair, I meet regularly with the other LGB Chairs within the WHF to share good practice, and feedback to, and receive feedback from, the Main Board of Trustees.

The Ridgeway LGB currently has a main meeting, plus a separate committee meeting each term which reports back to the full Local Governing Board to help us to focus on specific key areas in more depth:

  • Teaching and Learning– Focus on curriculum, educational standards and student progress.
  • Student and Staff Wellbeing and Community– Focus on behaviour, attendance, student welfare, Health and Safety, and student and parental engagement and links to the community.

An example of some of the discussion points over the past few months have been about:

  • Changes in the Behaviour for Learning Policy to promote good learning behaviours in all students, and consistency in its use.
  • How to ensure all areas of the academy consistently deliver excellent outcomes for all students; for example changes to the assessment, monitoring and evaluation of student progress.
  • Changes to the curriculum and examinations, and what it means to our students and staff.

If you have further questions about how we as an LGB works, or would like to know more about how to get involved as a governor, then please contact the clerk to governors .


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