Sixth Form Pastoral

A Place for Being You…

Please apply to the Sixth Form by filling in the application form included in your information pack or on our website at (  The form can be posted or emailed directly to
Mrs H Dixon –

After you apply, you will be invited to an informal interview to talk about your subject choices and why you want to join The Ridgeway Sixth Form College.

Students are required to have at least grade 5 in 4 or more subjects.  Students should additionally achieve the required entry grade for each subject they wish to study. All entries to courses are at the discretion of the R6 leaders.

The table below explains how many grades you need in order to take varying amounts of subjects.  We recommend students choose 3 ‘A’ Levels or equivalent (or 4 if including Further Maths).  This course of study may then be enhanced by either the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or Core Maths Qualification.



Requirement..To Study..Can Lead To..
6+ grades 5-9 at GCSE3 A levels/BTEC equivalent at the end of Year 13 and EPQUniversity (including Oxbridge & Russell Group) or employment
5+ grades 5-9 at GCSE (or equivalent) 3 A levels/BTEC and EPQ or Core MathsUniversity (including Oxbridge & Russell Group) or employment
4+ grades 5-9 at GCSE (or equivalent) in at least 5 different subjects3 subjects, all of which will be taken as A levels/BTEC equivalent at the end of Year 13University or employment
R6 Prospectus 2019-20

Application Form

Click here to download the Application Form ⇓


Sixth Form Access Card & Deposit Contract

Please read this contract carefully. It is a binding agreement and will be adhered to.

  • All Sixth Form students must pay a £100 deposit via ParentPay for the use of text books during years 12 and 13. All books must be returned in reasonable condition at the end of the course whereupon the deposit will be refunded less the cost of damaged or lost books.
  • All Sixth Form students are required to have an ID badge and access card. These will be issued free of charge to students at the beginning of Year 12 to cover them through to the end of Year 13.
  • Students will be expected to return the cards, lanyards and holders when they finally leave the sixth form or £10 will be deducted from the book deposit to cover the cost of a replacement.
  • Students must wear their ID badge so that it is visible at all times, school lanyards will be provided. If students lose their cards they must purchase a replacement card which costs £10 and is non-refundable. Failure to produce your card will result in sanction in line with the sixth form disciplinary procedure.
  • Students are responsible for maintaining security of the school.
  • Lost cards could compromise security and therefore must be reported to the Sixth Form Team immediately.
  • Students must not under any circumstances allow anyone to enter into the school, or to allow students in the lower school to leave the site.
  • Failure to comply with these conditions will result in serious consequences and may jeopardise a student’s place in the Sixth Form.
  • Sixth formers will be allowed access to the site from 7:30am – 5:30pm Mon – Fri (term time only)

*Access to the site during the school holidays and weekends is strictly prohibited unless accompanied by a member of staff.

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