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Innovate began transforming school catering in 2007 with a clear vision of combining traditional, healthy eating and nutritionally compliant values along with the need to significantly improve uptake levels.  We achieve this through an innovative and creative fresh food and retail focused offer, which brings high street standards to our young consumers.

Our services at the Ridgeway School started back in 2012 and include street food style teppan grill bar, showcasing both traditional foods alongside some of our very unique themed offers, rustic salad bars and an eclectic vegan and vegetarian menu.

Separate retail spaces have also been created for hot and chilled grab and go foods including the Ridgeway conservatory and sixth form common room.

 Our dedicated Sixth Form Cafe rivals some of the best high street offers available, promoting ‘dine in’ possibilities for those that like a decent coffee and a more mature food offer.  The café has been a big hit for both sixth formers and staff, as it provides them with a space where they can snack and work at the same time.  Many course work meetings are scheduled within the café.

 Our approach is to work in collaboration with the Ridgeway school so that the community is supported at every level.  This partnership approach delivers a student dining experience that positively enhances their education.  It also ensures that all stakeholders, be they students, staff, parents and guardians, school visitors or other community users are positively communicated with and have full access to our service provision.

 All the very best, The Innovate Team


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Your First Visit To Our Restaurant…

The school day is a busy one, throwing lots of challenges at you from every direction.  To make sure that you have the energy and brainpower to enjoy and succeed through out your day, you need to eat well… that’s where we come in!

Join us in the restaurant to try out our great selection of freshly prepared food.  You’ll be amazed at the choices on offer.  It may take a little longer to choose on your first visit but you’ll soon get usesd to the way things work… it’s simple!

  • when making your selection don’t forget to look out for special offs and meal deals
  • join the queue
  • check out through the tills
  • Bon Apetit! Enjoy your meal


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Shape Your Service…

To keep you interested in our food, we feel it is critical to refresh and update our offers.

To ensure this happens, we run a scheme called ‘Shape your Service’.  This is an online survey where we ask you what you like and what you would like to see in future.  We use ‘Shape your Service’ to gather comments and feedback and gauge how we are performing.

We are proactive with the feedback received and work with students, parents and the school to ensure a bespoke service where possible.  If a particular area is raised, we explain how we will take your idea and develop it.  So we want to hear from you, about your likes and dislikes and your ideas for the future.  Don’t be shy and help us deliver the service you want. Email us at


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Food To Be Proud Of…

Food is at the heart of everything we do.  We source responsibly and locally, where possible.  Over 95% of the food we serve is prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients… daily sandwiches, main meals, bakery and salad bar to name a few.  The menus we create are designed to provide you with the very best mix of contemporary, global and traditional flavours to enhance your dining experience, whilst providing well-balanced menus to help support a healthy lifestyle.


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Covering All Tastes…

Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-intolerant, ‘space-loving’ or any other type of foodie, we have something for you.  If you have any dietary requirements we will be happy to cater for your needs. We adapt our menus to suit you all as we know everyone has their own particular tastes – so if you don’t see anything you like, please speak with the Chef Manager, who will be happy to help.


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Come Have A Chat!

Feel free to talk with us whenever it suits you.  Our Chef Manager on site or our Regional Business Managers are always happy to listen to you and your ideas so if you want to talk, we’re hear to listen.

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