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At Ridgeway, we have some of the finest teachers and teaching staff in the country. They are highly motivated, committed, and passionate about providing our pupils with the best education possible.

To contact a member of staff, either email the office or check on the relevant curriculum page for the individual addressee.

Leadership Team

Mr C Belli Principal [email protected]
Mrs R Harper Vice Principal - Raising Standards & Achievement [email protected]
Mrs G Moody Vice Principal - Pastoral [email protected]
Mrs G Allbrook-Dunn Assistant Principal - Behaviour, Attitudes & Attendance [email protected]
Miss H Buttery Assistant Principal & Head of Sixth Form [email protected]
Mrs L Dunne Assistant Principal - Staffing & School Systems [email protected]
Mr Thomas Pittaway Assistant Principal, Learning & Development [email protected]
Mrs Z Smith Assistant Principal - Curriculum    [email protected]
Mrs Z Vallender PA to Principal & HR [email protected]

Staff in Alphabetical Order

Mrs R Adams Teacher of Maths/Whole School Numeracy Lead, and Head of KS3 Maths [email protected]
Mr J Adair Teacher of History [email protected]
Mrs G Allbrook-Dunn Teacher of PE & Business/Progress Mentor Coordinator Year 11 [email protected]
Miss R Allen Subject Leader for KS3 Science and BTEC Applied Science [email protected]
Mr C Atkins Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mrs L Banwell Teacher of Maths, Head of Year 10 [email protected]
Miss N Barnes Cover Manager, Assistant Head of Year 8 & 9, Teacher of Food Technology, PE and English [email protected]
Mrs K Barrett Student Support Assistant - Year 8 & 9
Miss I Beaurain Subject Leader French [email protected]
Miss A Bishop Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mr J Bister Subject Leader History [email protected]
Miss D Blackler Designated Safeguarding Lead [email protected]
Mr J Brace Teacher of History, Head of Barbury [email protected]
Mrs R Brake Teacher of English/ Teacher of Child Development, Assistant Head of Year 10 and 11, Student Leadership Co-ordinator [email protected]
Mrs R Brennan Teacher of PE/BTEC Coordinator [email protected]
Mr H Bessant Teacher of Business and PE
Mr P Burtwell Teacher of English [email protected]
Mr N Cairns Head of KS4 English [email protected]
Mrs H Clapton Subject Leader RE [email protected]
Miss M Cherry Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mrs A Christopher Senior Finance Manager
Mrs R Chutter Teacher of English [email protected]
Mr M Clarke Site Team Assistant
Miss S Collins Teacher of PE/Head of Year 13 [email protected]
Mr J Corscadden Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mr J Cowling Teacher of Art [email protected]
Mr P Coyle Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr P Cullingford Assistant Site Manager
Miss A Curtis-Slater Subject Leader Geography [email protected]
Mrs S Day LRC Manager
Mrs K Dent Head of KS4 Maths, and Assistant Faculty Leader Maths [email protected]
Mrs H Dixon Teacher of MFL [email protected]
Mr J Dunstone Teacher of Design Technology [email protected]
Mr T Dyson Student Support Assistant Year 9
Mr T Eatwell Maths Tutor
Mr J Edwards Subject Leader of Business and Economics [email protected]
Mr D Elkins Student Support Assistant Year 7 [email protected]
Mr B Faghihi Performing Arts & Media Technical Manager
Mrs A Fair Subject Leader Art [email protected]
Mrs S Farmer Connect Administrator [email protected]
Mrs M Fernandes Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mrs T Ferries Data Analyst
Mr P Fisher Wider SLT - Strategic Behaviour Lead / Student Support Lead [email protected]
Mr M Fletcher Teacher of Science/Higher Prior Attainment Lead [email protected]
Miss A Folleat Teacher of MFL [email protected]
Mrs C Gainey Teacher of Science [email protected]
Miss S Gayle Teacher of Maths & PE [email protected]
Miss C Gallagher Head of Chemistry [email protected]
Mrs S Gilchrist Reprographics & Presentation Manager
Mr T Golledge Teacher of MFL [email protected]
Mr T Goscomb Site Manager
Mrs K Gray Subject Leader PSHE/Careers/Teacher of Sociology and Child Development [email protected]
Miss C Haigh Teacher of Science and Head of Kennet House [email protected]
Miss T Hatch Teacher of English/EAL Co-ordinator [email protected]
Mrs R Hill Assistant Faculty Leader PE [email protected]
Mrs S Hill Pupil Premium Manager [email protected]
Mrs S Hodge Faculty Leader of CPA & Technology [email protected]
Miss C Hodgkin Teacher of Drama, Assistant Head of Year 7 [email protected]
Mrs C Hook Teacher of English [email protected]
Mrs C Horton Faculty Leader Maths, and Timetable [email protected]
Miss B House Student Support Assistant - Year 8 & 9
Mrs S Hoyland R6 Study Support Assistant [email protected]
Miss M Humphreys Head of KS3 English [email protected]
Mr R Hurd Teacher of Computer Science, and Head of Silbury [email protected]
Mrs R Jankinson Subject Leader Music [email protected]
Miss L Johnson Student Support Assistant - Year 10 & 11
Mr I Jones Teacher of Computer Science [email protected]
Miss P Keep Student Support Manager [email protected]
Mr P Kench Subject Leader/DofE Bronze Coordinator [email protected]
Mrs P Lane Leader of Textiles, Product Design and Engineering [email protected]
Mr B Lines Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mr J Livermore IT Network Manager
Dr J Lloyd Teacher of Drama and Head of Avebury [email protected]
Miss L Loughlin Teacher of English [email protected]
Mr N Mallender Teacher of maths [email protected]
Miss V Mackie Teacher of Science [email protected]
Miss A Marshman Head of Year 12 / Teacher of Maths and Psychology [email protected]
Mr J Marvell Exams Officer [email protected]
Mrs L McMeeking Subject Leader Biology [email protected]
Mr M McMeeking Faculty Leader PE [email protected]
Mrs A Melo Assistant Faculty Leader [email protected]
Mrs J Meredith Faculty Leader Humanities & Social/Teacher of Maths Sciences [email protected]
Mrs A Midson Sixth Form Student Advisor
Mr S Millard Subject Leader of Graphics and Photography, Teacher of Art [email protected]
Mr J Millichap Teacher of Maths and Music [email protected]
Mr G Mitchell Subject Leader of Computer Science/Data Leader [email protected]
Miss I Morley Head of KS3 English [email protected]
Miss J Mowat Teacher of Geography [email protected]
Mrs I Munoz-Carrion Assistant Faculty Leader MFL/Subject Leader Spanish [email protected]
Miss H Naylor Teacher of Design Technology [email protected]
Mr C Neal Art Technician
Miss A Noble Subject Leader for Spanish [email protected]
Mrs H Noble Attendance/Intervention Officer [email protected]
Mr A Northcott Subject Leader for Law/ Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mrs M Nuevo Teacher of Art & Technology [email protected]
Miss K Oakes Leisure Centre Manager [email protected]
Mr J O'Neill PE Teacher of PE [email protected]
Miss L Peddle Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mrs A Penfold Clerk to the Local Governing Body [email protected]
Ms T Penny Admissions [email protected]
Mr M Pentelow Teacher of Music, Lead Teacher for Looked After Children [email protected]
Mrs V Pidgeon Student Services Administrator
Mr B Pike Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Miss T Pilgrim Teacher of PE/Primary PE Coordinator [email protected]
Mr C Powton Assistant Leisure Centre Manager [email protected]
Mrs L Richards Teacher of Geography [email protected]
Mrs A Richardson Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mr J Robertson Faculty Leader MFL/Subject Leader German [email protected]
Mr S Ryan Teacher of Science [email protected]
Miss R Scrivin Teacher of Geography, Head of Year 8 [email protected]
Mrs A Sheppard Technology Technician
Mrs H Siebenaller Faculty Leader English/SLE/Professional Tutor [email protected]
Mrs Z Smith Faculty Leader English [email protected]
Mrs K Stamp Subject Leader Food Technology, Head of Year 7 [email protected]
Miss V Stevens ECF Strategic Lead - WHF, ECT Induction Lead and Teacher of History [email protected]
Mr C Thomas Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mrs P Thompson Art Technician
Mr A Tipping Exams Officer [email protected]
Mr M Tomiak Teacher of English [email protected]
Mrs S K Tonkin LRC Manager
Ms C Tranter Careers Advisor and Employability Coach [email protected]
Miss M Tuck Subject Leader for Science [email protected]
Mr T Ulrik Assistant Site Manager
Mrs A Usher Student Services Administrator
Mrs D Vincent Receptionist
Mr J Vincent Technology Technician
Mr D Voisey Teacher of History, Head of Year 9 [email protected]
Mr M Wakefield Teacher of Science and PE, Head of Year 11 [email protected]
Mrs J Walke Reprographics Technician
Mr M Webber Faculty Leader English/Subject Leader Sociology [email protected]
Mrs F Williams Head of KS5 English/Literacy Coordinator [email protected]
Miss J Witchell Teacher of RE [email protected]
Mr M Yapp Teacher of PE [email protected]

SEN Team

Mrs R Kneeshaw SENCo
Mrs D Deery SEN Teacher
Miss H Ornov Recruitment and Transition Co-ordinator / SEN Teacher/ Year 7 SEN Lead
Miss E Comley KS3 SEN Lead
Ms P Houston KS4 SEN Lead
Miss S Gower Lead Learning Support for Autism
Mrs S Carter LSA
Miss S Begum LSA
Mr A Bishop LSA
Miss L Dumville LSA
Mrs E Gunter LSA
Mr R Harrin LSA
Mrs T Harvey-Samuel LSA
Mrs V Lowe LSA
Mrs D Mead LSA (HIU)
Mr W Newman LSA
Mrs C Shaw LSA
Mrs C Wright LSA


Mr W Rosier ASC SRP Manager
Mrs S Bridge ASC SRP Assistant Manager
Mrs K Hussain ASC Teaching & Learning Lead
Miss S Bowden Senior ASC LSA
Mrs J Bishop ASC LSA
Miss J Carroll ASC LSA
Miss C Clark Senior ASC LSA
Miss L Dowson ASC LSA
Mrs C Elkins Senior ASC LSA
Mrs S Fletcher ASC LSA
Mrs J Georgiou ASC LSA
Miss L Gray Admin Support Assistant (ASC & SEN)
Miss C Greenman ASC LSA
Miss J Hilton ASC LSA
Miss N James ASC LSA
Mrs D Jefferies ASC LSA
Mrs B Loveridge ASC LSA
Mrs W Pendrey ASC LSA
Miss A Smalley ASC LSA
Miss T Woods ASC LSA


Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College is not only a great school for pupils, it’s also a fantastic school for teachers. Working in partnership with The White Horse Federation, we offer teachers extensive support, fantastic resources, and a range of training opportunities. We welcome teachers of all experience, whether they have recently qualified or have been teaching pupils for many years. If you are interested in joining Ridgeway, follow the link below

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