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This department is part of the Creative and Performing Arts Faculty.

In the art department we believe that art is a way of the students being able to express themselves visually. Our projects are mainly practical and we focus on developing skills in a variety of different areas within art ranging from 3D sculpture to printing, drawing & painting.

The students will study a range of art movements and artists which will inform & inspire their own work.

Each project in Year 8 & 9 runs over 2 terms and the students are marked on key assessed tasks which will form the basis of the level within the cycle report. In Year 7 the students study the formal elements in art and complete 1 project per term.

In each project students take part in different tasks and exercises in order to deepen their understanding of art.

The Art Team
Mrs H Watts – Subject Leader of Art,

Mrs A Fair – Teacher of Art,

If you have any further questions or queries then please feel free to get in contact.

KS3 Curriculum Information Time Allocation
Year 7 – 2 hours per fortnight
Year 8 – 2 hours per fortnight
Year 9 – have 3 lessons per fortnight if they choose art as one of their Creative & Performing Arts choices.

Setting arrangements
In art lessons throughout all year groups the students are in mixed ability sets.

The students will receive 1 piece of homework every fortnight and it will help them develop skills, techniques and knowledge that they have been taught in the lessons.

Key Assessment Tasks
These form part of the total assessment procedure in Years 8 & 9. The students will have one piece of work marked with a yellow slip that is stuck into their sketchbook each term. The students will be informed each term as to which piece of work is being marked for the Key Assessment. The yellow form gives them the level they have achieved for this report and will give them feedback on how to improve their work and what they have done well. The students will also have an opportunity to respond this feedback.


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