Assessment Week March 2018

Assessment Week March 2018

Assessment Week 2 Year 7-10

The week beginning Monday 19th March is the second Assessment Week for all students in Years 7-10. During this week normal teaching is suspended and assessments are scheduled for all subjects. Condensing the assessments into a focussed week allows students the opportunity to fully prepare for examinations and practice the stamina that is now required in the new GCSE curriculums. The assessments enable teachers to give specific feedback on student progress using the QLA proforma, with content that is not fully understood to be revisited. The week also helps to give students experience of preparing and performing across a number of different subjects, a skill they will need in their GCSE examination period.


As well as providing a good indication of the progress made, the feedback given to students following the assessments will target the main areas of content that should be addressed to make additional progress.

At the start of Term 5 students will receive a bespoke progress report identifying the areas of understanding and the key areas for further improvement. We ask that you take time to discuss this with your child and support them in ensuring they know how to fill these knowledge gaps.

The assessments have been scheduled across the week. In the lessons when no assessment is scheduled students will be expected to revise independently for their upcoming tests and therefore must bring their books and revision resources with them to these classes. During mentor time in the lead up to the assessment week students will be given strategies, techniques and tips to support them with their revision and in how to prepare appropriately.

The timetables for the assessment week (below) shows the schedule for all students.  (Click on image for full screen view…)





Here are a few ways in which you could help child over the next few weeks;

  • Keep them calm: students can worry too much about their assessments. We just want them to prepare sensibly and do their best.
  • Ensure they are getting enough sleep: students that get a good nights’ sleep are better rested and more focussed when being assessed
  • Help them plan their time: Revision is best done in short (20-30min) chunks of time and centred around linking knowledge and/or skills to reinforce understanding. Use the timetable to map out revision time for all subjects
  • Encourage them to eat well: we all perform better if we have had a good breakfast. Please avoid sugary (energy) drinks and junk food these don’t help.
  • Ask them how you can help: sometimes they might want testing or to run an answer past you, other times it might be reassurance and a positive word or two that they will need.


For further information on Year 7, 8 and 9 assessment please click here


Thank you for your support.

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