The Ridgeway English Faculty is dedicated to delivering an exciting and engaging curriculum providing innovative opportunities for challenge, risk taking and skills based learning. Our students will embrace and extend an independent, purposeful approach to English and communication. They will be confident, articulate and inspired. English at The Ridgeway School creates students who develop an ownership of their learning and who strive to achieve their full potential.


The Team
Mrs Z Smith  -Faculty Leader of English  –  smithz@ridgewayschool.com  
Mrs Middlemass – Teacher of English –  middlemassm@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs. H. Siebenaller – i/c Year 12 & 13 English –  siebenallerh@ridgewayschool.com

Mr M Webber – i/c Year 12 & 13 English –   webberm@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs F Williams – williamsf@ridgewayschool.com
Ms A. Tarrant – EAL Lead –  tarranta@ridgewayschool.com
Mr A Duckhouse – duckhousea@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs H Wilkins – wilkinsh@ridgewayschool.com
Mr N Cairns – i/c Media –  cairnsn@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs P Horsell – horsellp@ridgewayschool.com
Miss M Humphreys – humphreysm@ridgewayschool.com


Time Allocation
Year 7 – 6 hours per fortnight
Year 8 – 6 hours per fortnight
Year 9 – 6 hours per fortnight


Setting arrangements
All students are set upon arrival at The Ridgeway School. We use a number of factors to determine initial class groups including KS2 data and the verbal cognitive ability score. We monitor the progress of all students carefully and will make set changes in order to boost progress.


Accelerated Reader (AR): Our Exciting New Reading Scheme for Yr 7 & 8 Students
Is an exciting new reading scheme for all Y7 students. Students complete a STAR Reading Test which tells us their initial reading range (this is a ZPD score not a reading age.) Students then choose books within their range and complete an online quiz after reading their book.

Key information:

Students log on via the Accelerated Reader icon on the Student Portal. Students can also log on using our Ridgeway School account at https://ukhosted46.renlearn.co.uk/1896171

A reminder of a student’s logon details will be on a sticker in the inside cover of their HW Planner by Sept 30th.

Students will then complete a first ‘STAR Reading Test’ in school which tells us their initial ZPD reading range (Please note this is a ZPD score not a reading age.) e.g. 3.4 – 4.7. This is also logged on a sticker inside the HW Planner.

Students then choose books – to start with it is recommended that they read from the lower end of their ZPD range. Stickers are displayed on the spines and front covers of our books in the LRC and include both fiction and non-fiction.

Students should complete an online ‘Quiz’ in school within 24 hours of finishing their book either in school or at home. This can be done before school, after school, at break or lunchtime or in dedicated AR lessons. These ‘quizzes’ allow us to follow reading progress and comprehension. The more books students read on the AR scheme, the more personalised the book suggestions AR provides are to that individual student. Word counts from the books are also linked to points so the more a student reads the more points they will earn. These will be rewarded by prizes!

The full list of Accelerated Reader books can be accessed at: http://www.arbookfind.co.uk/UserType.aspx  This is constantly updated as new books are published.

AR books do not need to come solely from Ridgeway’s Learning Resource Centre but could be an AR book from your local library or a book given as a Christmas gift etc. AR books can be identified using the AR book finder mentioned above.

Students who spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading an AR book each day are shown to make far superior progress in their reading. We would be very grateful for your support in encouraging your child to take part fully in this new scheme.


All members of the English Department follow the school homework timetable. Our homework will include: private reading, completion of classwork, research/preparation materials for an upcoming lesson/topic as well as working on the students’ Extended /creative Homework. This project based homework is set once per term and students will have a substantial period of time to complete it.


Useful websites to support students


Please click on the links below for further information:

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