Students are provided with a wide range of leadership opportunities and the chance to be ambassadors for the school. We are committed to providing a very extensive range of activities, trips and visits outside the main curriculum.

We have a tradition of national competition in sport and host joint events with local music groups such as The Kentwood Choir.

Year 9 Junior Sports Leaders (JSLA) gives students the opportunity to work with WHF primary Schools at a variety of sporting activities. The aim of this is to improve student confidence, communication and organisational skills. Sixth Form have the opportunity to study CSLA (Community) and HSLA (Higher).

In conjunction with the Sports Leaders Awards we have been running a Language Leaders Award course for interested students in Year 9. This has been particularly successful this year and has been growing in popularity over the last few years. The students met regularly and have to prepare exciting resources to deliver language lessons themselves to younger students. They have increased in confidence through working with the younger children and have developed their own language competencies, all achieving Language Leaders Certificate.

For many years the school has been one of the largest providers of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in the South West – delivering Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. In 2015, 20 students completed the Gold Expedition Award.

Our annual Sports Award Evening and the Gym and Dance Display give testimony to the high standards of participation at school, district, regional and national level.

The lunchtime enrichment programme is all about participation. Students have the opportunity to socialise, make friends and enjoy new and interesting activities.

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