This department is part of the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty.


The Humanities and Social Sciences Vision
The vision of the Humanities faculty is to create independent, critical thinkers with a passion for our subjects.
This will enable students to:

  • Explain and analyse objectively
  • Think independently and reflect on the modern world, the people within it and how it has changed, is changing and will continue to change in the future.
  • Research and evaluate sources and communicate creatively their findings

In an atmosphere where open debate is encouraged, we aim to deliver varied, creative and inspiring lessons. All students will be supported in their learning to achieve to the best of their ability, being given opportunities to use and share their talents.
We aim to give students a strong grounding by developing skills necessary for their later studies and employment, but also to develop our students into mature and understanding people through the topics we explore.


The Geography Vision
The Geography department aims to excite students about our dynamic and ever-changing world. Our objective is for students to understand their place and to appreciate difference. Alongside this we want students to develop key geographical skills, as well as improve their knowledge and understanding of a range of environments. Students learn to question topical issues and consider how humans interact with and manage the environment. The department works together to engage students by incorporating creative activities, team work and current affairs into our lessons.


The Team
Miss A Curtis-Slater: 
Mrs J Meredith: 
Mrs L Richards: 
Miss J Mowat:


Time Allocation
Year 7 – 3 hours per fortnight
Year 8 – 3 hours per fortnight
Year 9 – 4 hours per fortnight


Setting arrangements
Ks3 students are set in mixed ability sets in all Humanities.  Classes have seating plans to maximise students’ progress. There is possibility for movement between sets; the groups are reviewed after each term to consider any set changes that might need to take place. This aims to give students the best support for their learning, and opportunities to progress and succeed.


In Geography we have standardised homework within the department that test a range of skills, as well as knowledge. All homework aims to compliment assessment tasks in order for students to achieve their full potential and to prepare them for their GCSE studies.


Useful websites to support students
The following websites could be of use when students are doing research and/or revision for Geography.


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