This department is part of the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty.

The Humanities and Social Sciences Vision
The vision of the Humanities faculty is to create independent, critical thinkers with a passion for our subjects.
This will enable students to:

  • Explain and analyse objectively
  • Think independently and reflect on the modern world, the people within it and how it has changed, is changing and will continue to change in the future.
  • Research and evaluate sources and communicate creatively their findings

In an atmosphere where open debate is encouraged, we aim to deliver varied, creative and inspiring lessons. All students will be supported in their learning to achieve to the best of their ability, being given opportunities to use and share their talents.  We aim to give students a strong grounding by developing skills necessary for their later studies and employment, but also to develop our students into mature and understanding people through the topics we explore.


The History Vision
The History department aims to encourage students to be empowered and enthused by their History lessons. To enjoy creative History lessons that develop a passion for the subject within students, and a desire to ask questions about why events have taken place and how they have impacted on their lives today. As a department we encourage independent learning and enquiry from our students to develop them into good young historians. Throughout their lessons they will gain the skills of a historian and be able to analyse and evaluate the past as well as develop their own interpretations of events as well as gaining knowledge of history.


The Team
Mr J Bister – Subject Leader for History,   bisterj@ridgewayschool.com
Miss V Stevens – History / NQT Coordinator and SCITT Humanities Subject Leader,   stevensv@ridgewayschool.com
Miss H Buttery – History Teacher,   butteryh@ridgewayschool.com
Mr L Morris – History Teacher, morrisl@ridgewayschool.com
Miss J Gulliford – History Teacher, gullifordj@ridgewayschool.com


Time Allocation
Year 7 – 3 hours per fortnight
Year 8 – 3 hours per fortnight
Year 9 – 4 hours per fortnight


Setting arrangements
History classes are mixed ability and this will be in line with all other Humanities subjects. Classes will have seating plans in order to stretch and challenge as well as support students in lessons. Where appropriate, there may be cause for movement within sets, however, this is discussed within the faculty due to the option blocks in which these lessons fall.



In History three different homework types are customary and directly support and extend the learning of the topic in lessons for that term, these are: Exam style questions which support the new 9-1 GCSE framework, Spelling tests of key words and also sometimes research tasks which will inform the next lesson. All homework will be published on go4schools.


Useful websites to support students
The following websites could be of use when students are doing research and/or revision for History.


Historical Skills
History uses a range of different skills which are tracked throughout the year. These are in the front of every child’s History book. You can support your child by talking to them about the different key skills that they have been using and discussing in class, and how different sources can be used to discover a message and information about the past. You can also support them with their revision for assessments, by encouraging short, frequent revision sessions where they can produce mind maps, flashcards, write practice answers and read through their notes.


Progression to KS4
The History department have created a 5 year curriculum and draws on the skills and questioning of the GCSE History course throughout years 7-11. Some of the topics studied in years 7-9 also reflect those which are taught at GCSE such as the Norman Conquest in year 7, medical developments in year 8 and the rise of the Nazi party in Germany and Cold War era in year 9. All assessments are also in the style of specific GCSE examinations to help prepare our students into GCSE, and give them a robust understanding of the demands of the GCSE course.


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