Kennet House

Welcome Kennet to the new school year.

Welcome to the corner of the school website devoted to the best house – Kennet. I am so proud to represent the finest quarter of Ridgeway School and look forward to us achieving great things, both at school and during house competitions.

Coming up this year we have the Great Ridgeway Bake Off – ITV did approach us with a £4m offer but we had to turn it down – the quality of the bakes would show up the Great British Bake Off. Kennet, I am sure, will be bringing in some great masterpieces. This annual fiesta is taking place on the 19th November.

Very shortly we will be announcing the new House Captains. They will have the honour of representing Kennet –an exciting role involving helping out in assemblies, poster design, coordinating Bake Off and raising the roof for Kennet on Sports Day… amongst many other jobs. We Heads of House are so grateful to the amazing students who help us run the house system – THANK YOU.

Again, thanks to our wonderful students, we will shortly be announcing the winners of the annual Calendar Competition. We hope to turn these into a monthly calendar in time for Christmas – ideal if you are looking for Christmas presents! Money raised will go to house charities.

*An exclusive announcement – the people of Kennet have spoken and the people call for the RSPCA as their charity. Compassion is vital when relating to humans and animals alike – with our help we can give animals a voice and demand better treatment for pets and farm animals. Kennet, you have made a solid decision, let’s see what a difference we can make…*

Finally, watch this space for details on House Dodgeball, House Charities, Sports Day and other activities….

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