Silbury House

Welcome Silbury to the new school year.

Welcome to Silbury House!

WE WON SPORT’S DAY!!  Congratulations to everyone who took park in Sport’s Day in the summer term.  It was incredible to see the participation and the determination of all students who got involved, you made Silbury House proud!

As the head of Silbury I would like to students take part house competitions throughout the school year. I want Silbury to be the best house at The Ridgeway School and every student should strive to achieve that.  Not only will there be sporting opportunities throughout the year, but also competitions that appeal to the more creative of students. Students can help by earning house points in Achievement, Contribution, Helpfulness, Independence, Excellence, Volunteering, and Endeavour.

I believe that it is vital to have a sense of belonging, not only to the school, but to your house. This feeling of loyalty will inspire you to complete tasks to the best of your ability and to achieve your potential.

House Charities this year will be slightly different.  As a Head of House team, we have decided to support and raise money for local Swindon and Wiltshire based charities.  So keep listening out for the charity Silbury has chosen to support.

Make sure you keep updated on the events, competitions and activities that will be running throughout the year, and be sure to get involved!

Miss Mowat, Head of Silbury House

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