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29 January 2021

Active Project – The Ridgeway School

Whilst we are off school during lockdown, we feel is it really important to stay active. Research has shown over half of adolescents reported they did less exercise whilst they were off school in lockdown last year. Also, obesity rates have risen, and live lessons mean an increase in screen time for all students. Studies also show that exercise and physical activity, improves physical and mental health and well-being.

Our aim is to combat this by launching Active Project across The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College. The aim is for all students to increase their physical activity levels whilst they are off school. This can be done by walking, running or cycling and we encourage all students in Years 7-13 to participate.

Students can track the distance they cover through walking, running or cycling by using different apps which are all free to download. This includes Strava, Health, Nike, Map My Run and many more to help record the distances. They should then complete the survey via Microsoft Forms and upload proof of this such as a screenshot or a '#HealthySelfie' or their walk, run or cycle. We have included the link to the form below.

Link to Tracking Form:


Students may feature on the Twitter page and in the House Newsletter which is available on all Years 7-11 One Note pages. Students will be rewarded via house points and being entered into a prize draw where winners will receive Amazon vouchers. Further to this, progress will be communicated via the weekly House Newsletter and the House Twitter page.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to raise money for chosen charities, by asking people to sponsor you to hit a particular target. We would love to hear what you have raised money for and how much in order to celebrate this in our newsletter.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this, please contact a Head of House below

Stay safe, stay active and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Good luck – may the best house win!

Mrs Mason, Miss Haigh, Mr Wilton and Mr Burcombe

Avebury: [email protected]

Barbury: [email protected]

Kennet: [email protected]

Silbury: [email protected]

Twitter: @HouseRidgeway


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