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Welcome to the House System.

"To inspire students to push themselves to not just be part of their house, but to proudly represent it!"

Every student at The Ridgeway School is part of the house system through the mentoring programme, everyday activities within lessons, and on a whole-school basis through competitions, activities, and challenges throughout the year. The main focus is for all students to take part in activities for not only themselves but also for their house.

The four houses at The Ridgeway School are Avebury, Barbury, Kennet, and Silbury.

As a house system, we wish to create an inclusive community where all students have a sense of belonging and pride. In this environment, we aim to build strong relationships through healthy competition. This would involve a school-wide approach, allowing student-student and staff-student networks to develop.

We achieve this by:

  • Weekly house activities
  • Events (two per term)
  • Reward trips
  • Trophies for house rewards
  • Modelling healthy competition


  • Inclusivity
  • Healthy competition
  • Community
  • Pride
  • Relationships


Total: 42,186 points
Head of House
Dr J Lloyd Head of House for Avebury


Total: 42,186 points
Head of House
Ms Chloe Haigh


Total: 42,190 points
Head of House
Mr R Hurd Head of Silbury House


Total: 39,488 points
Head of House
Mr James Brace
House News - 20th July 2022 Term 6 Download
House News 7th March 2022 Term 4 Download
House News - 14 February 2022 Term 3 Download

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