Child Development


Subject Staff Leader

Mrs K Gray –



Board  –  OCR

R019 – Coursework Research Task

Carry out an in depth research study on key factors to consider when choosing equipment for a baby (0-12 months) and a child (1-5 years), the nutritional guidelines and requirements for a child from birth to 5 years old and a practical task (comparing breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding and making up a bottle feed).

R020 – Coursework Child Study

Investigating the developmental norms from 0-5 years, exploring different types of play and the benefits of play, planning and carrying out two short play activities with a child and evaluating the activities and the child’s development.

R018 – Exam: 1 hour 15 mins

Development of a child from pre conception to 5 years old. Topics that are studied include: antenatal care, stages of labour, pain relief, different types of birth, postnatal care, safety around the home and childhood illnesses.


Assessment of Course

The technical award has the same weighting as a GCSE and will count as equivalent to one GCSE.

There are two pieces of coursework: one will be completed in Year 10 the other in Year 11.  All topics for the exam will be taught along with exam skills over the two year course.


Course Content

This course is designed for students who are interested in learning more about how babies and children develop from conception until 5 years old. There are some excellent opportunities to build your knowledge base in some really interesting topics such as how a baby develops in the uterus, the importance of antenatal classes and the stages of labour. It can help to prepare you for further study and employment within the childcare sector if this is something you are interested in pursuing when you are older.

It will particularly appeal to learners who are looking for a course that has a practical element to it. It also has a balance of controlled assessment and an exam which makes it ‘equally weighted’.

The Technical Award in Children’s Learning and Development will give learners the opportunity to study children aged 0 to 5 years, developing an understanding of:

  • Reproduction and the roles and responsibilities of parenthood
  • Antenatal care and preparation for birth
  • Postnatal checks, postnatal provision and conditions for development
  • How to recognise, manage and prevent childhood illnesses
  • Child safety
  • Physical, intellectual and social development
  • Play

This course will offer a progressive route through to the BTEC Level 3 Extended Certificate in Children’s Play, Learning and Development that we offer at the Ridgeway School.  It also works well alongside A Levels such as Sociology and Psychology.



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