KS4 Drama


Subject Staff Leader
Mr B Smith – smithb@ridgewayschool.com


Name –        Drama
Board –        OCR
Code –          J316


Assessment of Course
GCSE Drama is made up of three units, all of which are explored practically. The first two units are each worth 30% of the course and result in a practical performance.
Unit 1 is a scripted unit where you will be given a play and asked to perform extracts from it. This unit is assessed by a visiting examiner. There is no written element to this unit.
Unit 2 is a devised unit where you will create your own performance based on a stimulus given to you by your teacher. Your final performance is then marked by your teacher. You are also marked on your portfolio that you will create, detailing your decision making process and outlining the journey you have made.
Unit 3 is worth 40% of the course and is a practical exploration of a set text. We will explore the text fully in class and at the end of the unit you will sit a 90 minute creative exam where you will answer questions about the text and give some of your own design/directing/acting ideas


Course Content
GCSE Drama is a highly appealing course due to the diverse range of activities, combining both practical and theoretical approaches to learning. This combination of academic and creative challenge with a practical focus makes for a dynamic and engaging course.

  • Creative approaches : Actor, Deviser & Designer options
  • Themed projects where you can create and perform
  • Script Work where you will bring text to life and perform extracts from plays
  • Major Performance Project inspired by a given stimulus and performed to a visiting examiner
  • Working Records where you will reflect on the process and evaluate Drama

Drama GCSE can offer so much more than just an opportunity to perform. You will develop generic study skills that feed into all courses: speaking and listening, research and investigation, analysis and evaluation, public speaking and literacy.
You will also be developing skills that all employers value in a workplace. You will be acquiring skills like working with others, problem solving and communication. You will find that Drama will help you feel more self-confident and prepare you to deal with a range of different situations and people.
The course is largely practical and almost all your time will be spent in the Drama studios exploring the play texts, developing your own performance ideas, working in groups and most importantly creating exciting, live theatre.


“The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.”

President Barack Obama


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