KS4 English Language


The Team
Mrs Z Smith -Faculty Leader of English & i/c Year 11 English – smithz@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs M Middlemass – Teacher of English – middlemassm@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs. H. Siebenaller – i/c Year 12 & 13 English – siebenallerh@ridgewayschool.com
Mr M Webber – i/c Year 12 & 13 English – webberm@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs F Williams – williamsf@ridgewayschool.com
Ms A Tarrant – EAL Lead –  tarranta@ridgewayschool.com
Mr A Duckhouse – duckhousea@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs H Wilkins – wilkinsh@ridgewayschool.com
Mr N Cairns – i/c Media – cairnsn@ridgewayschool.com
Mrs P Horsell – horsellp@ridgewayschool.com
Miss M Humphreys – humphreysm@ridgewayschool.com

Name –        GCSE English Language
Board –        AQA Code –  8700

Assessment of Course
There are two formal examinations worth 100% at the end of the course. AQA has developed two equally-balanced papers, each assessing reading and writing in an integrated way. The final grade is awarded for students’ performance in the examinations.

Course Content
This new English Language specification is designed to inspire and motivate students, providing appropriate stretch and challenge, whilst ensuring that the assessment and texts are accessible to all students. Students will develop the skills they need to read, understand and analyse a wide range of different texts and write clearly.


What will I study on this course?
You will explore creative reading and writing and writers’ viewpoints and perspectives. In order to gain accreditation you will also be required to complete a stand-alone spoken language presentation. This assesses:

  • presenting
  • responding to questions and feedback
  • use of Standard English

This does not contribute to the English Language GCSE but must be completed in order to pass the course.


All students are required to take both Language and Literature


The links below will enable parents and students to read the specification for course, sample papers and mark schemes.

AQA GCSE English Language Overview: First Assessment 2017 please click here»
To view the full specification for the course, sample papers and mark schemes please click here»
To view KS4 Year 10 English Teaching Outlines 2016 please click here»
To view KS4 Year 11 English Teaching Outlines 2016 please click here»


Exam Dates:
Lang Paper 1 – 6th June am
Explorations in Creative Writing and Reading
Lang Paper 2 – 12th June am
Writers’ Viewpoints and Perspectives

Lit Paper 1 – 22nd May am
Shakespeare and the Nineteenth Century Novel (Romeo & Juliet and A Christmas Carol)
Lit Paper 2 – 26th May am
Modern Texts and Poetry (An Inspector Calls, Anthology and Unseen Poetry)


Additional Information:

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