KS4 Music

music 3

Subject Staff LeaderMrs R Jankinson



Name –        GCSE Music
Board –        AQA
Code –          8271


Assessment of Course

Understanding Music – 40% External Exam
Section A – Listening (68 marks)
Section B – Contextual Understanding (28 marks)


Performing Music – 30% Internal Assessment
1.   Solo performance (36 marks)
2.   Ensemble Performance (36 marks)


Composing Music – 30% Internal Assessment
1.   Composition to a set brief (36 marks)
2.   Free composition (36 marks)


Course Content
Why should I study Music?

  • You enjoy playing or making music
  • You are interested in how music is made
  • You like making up your own music
  • You want to study music at a higher level
  • You play an instrument or enjoy singing


Music is a creative and valuable subject. It is accessible to all students who enjoy creating music and who play an instrument or enjoy singing. It is a well-regarded GCSE which will enable you to go on to study either Music or Music Technology at a higher level. The skills developed will benefit you in many areas, such as building your confidence, working in a team and exploring your creativity. Music is the universal language – come and learn how to speak it effectively.



“Music is an essential part of everything we do. It has an abstract quality which speaks to a Worldwide audience in a way that nourishes the soul.

If you can speak in the language of music, you can communicate with anybody.”

Jim Henson


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