Subject Staff Leader
Mrs K Gray – grayk@ridgewayschool.com


Course Content

At KS3, students are taught PSHE content (including SRE & Health education) through the mentoring programme and across four Immersion Days.

In Year 10 we study Healthy Mind & Body, the World of Work, Relationships, Government & Parliament, Freedom Writers (Prejudice & Discrimination) and Sex & Relationships Education.

In Year 11 we study Careers & Post 16 Choices and Financial Awareness.

At KS4, students have one discrete PSHE lesson a week.


Why we study PSHE?

PSHE encourages students to discuss and share their ideas in a safe environment and developed a range of skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership. Students learn how to manage their money well, how to lead active and healthy lives and are offered advice and support when they make their Post 16 choices.  PSHE helps students to become well rounded individuals, ready for the wider world.

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