KS4 Spanish


Subject Staff Leader
Mrs I Muñoz  – munozi@ridgewayschool.com


Name –        GCSE Spanish
Board –        Edexcel


Assessment of Course

The language is assessed through examination at the end of the course.

  • Paper 1 listening 25%
  • Paper 2 speaking 25%
  • Paper 3 reading 25%
  • Paper 4 writing 25%

Topics and themes covered:

  • Identity and culture
  • Local area, holiday, travel
  • School


Why Should you Study a Language?

Planning to go to university?
Want better job prospects?
Interested in other cultures?
Want to become a better communicator?
Enjoy making new friends?
Want to travel?
Planning to teach in primary schools?



Keeping up a language will help in the future, if you want to learn other Western or Eastern European languages. Not only that, but you’ll be a great asset to your employer.

In any environment, speaking a language can open the door to a whole new world! Whether on holiday, meeting people at work, socialising or discovering other cultures, your language skills will widen your horizons, create new opportunities and increase your appreciation of what’s out there. Not only that, it’s likely you’ll be paid more too! According to recruitment agencies, salary uplift for those using languages at work can be anything from 8-20%! We live in a multilingual world and British companies are increasingly aware of the advantages of hiring young people with language skills. We can no longer rely on the reassuring motion that ‘everyone speaks English’, because 75% of the world does not!


What the papers say ….

Languages graduates are more employable than those in computing, or science, or even business studies. Employers cannot get enough people with language skills. Surveys show that agencies believe they have lost business because of language skills failure.”

Language skills are the key to success in today’s globalised job markets.”


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