Technical Award in Fashion and Textiles


Subject Staff Leader Mrs P Lane


Board – AQA

Unit 1 – Coursework: Skills demonstration

  • A number of small practical tasks to demonstrate ability in 12 core skills. This will include the transferable skill of teamwork.

Unit 2 – Coursework—Extended making project

  • A making project that showcases the skills developed in Unit 1 and the knowledge and understanding acquired in Unit 3. Students will develop skills in planning and development, making, testing and evaluation and the transferable skill of communication.

Unit 3 – Exam

The fundamentals of fashion and textiles.


Assessment of Course
The Technical Award has the same weighting as a GCSE and will count as equivalent to one GCSE.

The course has two internally assessed units worth 30% each and one externally assessed exam, worth 40% of the final grade.


Course Content
This qualification is intended for students interested in using textiles in a practical way. Students will make a range of products, prototypes and samples using traditional skills and modern technologies. They will gain an understanding of commercial practice and potential career opportunities in the fashion and textiles industries.

The Technical Award in Fashion and Textiles will give students the opportunity to develop an understanding of:

  • materials, components and technologies and the ability to select these appropriately
  • how to read, interpret and work from drawings, plans and instructions
  • quality and how this can be achieved by making to fine tolerances
  • key technical terminology related to materials and properties
  • commercial and industrial practices within the Fashion and Textiles industries
  • career opportunities in the sector.

The skills and knowledge gained will allow students to progress to a range of Level 3 courses or an apprenticeship in a related area of employment. It prepares students for a career in Fashion Designing, Interior Design, Fashion and Colour Consultancy, Textile Buying, Textile Research, Retail Management and develops valuable transferable skills in teamwork and communication that will be of value to them no matter what career they choose to follow.



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