KS4 Textiles

Subject Staff Leader Mrs P Lane


Board – AQA

There are two components:

Component 1 Portfolio:

A Coursework portfolio which includes a sustained project developed in response to a theme, task or brief and a selection of further work completed during the two year course.

Component 2 Externally set assignment:

A portfolio and final piece with the starting point chosen from a selection set by the exam  board. It includes a 10 hour practical exam.


Assessment of Course

Component 1: Portfolio

Assessed across 4 Objectives with total marks of 96. Worth 60% of the final GCSE grade.
Set and marked by the school and moderated by AQA during a visit.

Component 2: Externally set assignment

Assessed across 4 Objectives with total marks of 96 and includes 10 hours of supervised exam time. Worth 40% of the final GCSE grade.
Set by AQA, marked by the school and moderated by AQA during a visit.


Course Content

This qualification is intended for students interested in using textiles in a practical way. Students will make a range of products, and samples using traditional skills and modern technologies. They will gain an understanding of commercial practice and potential career opportunities in the fashion and textiles industries.

Textile Design will give students the opportunity to design products from woven, knitted, stitched,
printed and decorated textiles.

Areas of study include:

  • Fashion design and illustration
  • Costume design
  • Constructed textiles
  • Printed, dyed and decorated textiles
  • Digital textiles

The skills and knowledge gained will allow students to progress to a range of Level 3 courses or an apprenticeship in a related area of employment.

It opens the door to lots of exciting careers. Here are some of them: Fashion Design, Interior Design, Fashion and Colour Consultancy, Fashion Journalism, Textile Buying, Textile Research, Theatre Design, Retail Management.

It develops transferable skills in problem solving, creative thinking, investigation, teamwork and communication that will be of value no matter what career is chosen.









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