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Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The Ridgeway School will be using Microsoft OneNote platform as their VLE to help support students with their learning. These resources will be available if students are absent for any reason or as a result of partial/full closure of school as directed by the government.

How will work be made available?

Years 7,8,9 will be using a year group notebook with subjects specific work under each tab and pages.

Years 10,11,12,13 have both their centralised area but also a class specific notebook may be created for them by their teacher.

Students can log on to their class notebook by clicking on the link below and watching the video showing how to access them from the student portal. If you have any problems logging on, please email [email protected].

Years 10-13:

Link to Student portal to access class notebooks for VLE

Expectations of students

Students will be expected to access the lesson resources and learning activities if absent for any reason or during any partial/full school closure.

If a partial or full closure,We will set school work for students on a day-to-day basis and feedback to emails or work requested.

Contacting staff

Students are encouraged to email their subject teacher about the lesson content if they have any problems or questions (contact details can be found on the school website) Staff will be available during the normal school hours (8:45-3:45pm) and able to respond to any learning related queries from students. Please be aware that there may be a delay in replying to emails when staff are teaching or due to a high demand and for communications sent outside this time.

If you have any individual concerns or questions which are not subject specific, please email your child's mentor.

Updates and information

Updates regarding learning related matters, closure information and plans for re-opening will be communicated via our website, school comms, and Twitter account.

Our Twitter account is: @schoolRidgeway

Yours sincerely,

Chris Belli

Remote Education Provision from January 2021 during school closure Download

Please see below the links to the different Year Groups resources. Please note that these will only be available through your child's school email and password:

Term 1 - 2020-21Term 2 - 2020-21
Term 3 2020-21Term 4 2020-21Term 5 2020-21Term 6 2020-21





Year 7 Term 1 VLE

Year 7 Term 2 VLEYear 7 Term 3 VLE
Year 7 Term 4 VLEYear 7 Term 5 VLEYear 7 Term 6 VLE


Year 8 Term 1 VLE

Year 8 Term 2 VLEYear 8 Term 3 VLE
Year 8 Term 4 VLEYear 8 Term 5 VLEYear 8 Term 6 VLE


Year 9 Term 1 VLE

Year 9 Term 2 VLEYear 9 Term 3 VLE
Year 9 Term 4 VLEYear 9 Term 5 VLE
Year 9 Term 6 VLE

Logging in through the Student Portal

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