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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a reading programme which monitors and manages independent reading practice. A student’s reading range is determined by a STAR Reading assessment. A book is then chosen within that range and an online quiz is completed once the book has been read. Quizzes can be completed in the LRC before school, break and lunch, using iPads. Students are also given an opportunity at the start of every English lesson to complete a quiz as well as in mentoring if time permits. The aim of the programme is to help students improve their reading skills through support with book selection, regular quizzing and testing. All students enrolled on AR need an AR levelled book for their English class but have free choice when it comes to their other reading material!

Accelerated Reader can be accessed directly from the student desktop or here. Enrolled students are all aware of their username and password.

How to find an AR book

A free online book-searching tool ARBookFinder allows students, teachers, and parents to find interesting books at the appropriate level.

The school library management software OLIVER has a search facility that can be used. This can be accessed remotely through the student desktop (Search the Library) or by using the search computer in the LRC. For example, to find a book with an AR level of 3.6, type AR3.6 in the search box, and a list of 50 books stocked in the LRC is shown. For AR level 4.5, type AR4.5 and so on.

And finally, Mrs Day, Mrs Tonkin or your child’s English teacher are always on hand to help!

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