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How to use

Those of you who have students in Year 8 and above will remember the audio book launch last year so this is just a reminder. For Year 7, this is something that we’ve mentioned in library lessons and many are keen to give it a go.

There are two ways of accessing the books, both through an app provided by “eWheelers”:

Simply click the icon below…

…or alternatively, download the app on a phone or tablet. You start by downloading the app from whatever app store you use; either Google Playstore for android but if you have an iPhone then it will be Apple Store. The app is called “ePlatform by Wheelers”.

Once downloaded, your child is prompted to search for school. They need to look for “The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College”. There will be a prompt to log in with their school sign in (the first part of their email address without the “” suffix) and password either at that point or when they’ve selected a book to listen to.

Many set text are included and the company we are using constantly monitor the selection and will modify them taking into account both by analysing the borrowing history and requests that students can make through the site.

Offline reading

One of the key features is the “store off line” function. Once a book has been borrowed, you can click on the top menu filter for options and a drop down menu will appear:

Whilst still connected to Wifi select “Store Offline”:

Click “Okay” when the confirmation screen appears, and you know your audio has completed downloading when “Playing in Offline Mode” appears.

In the future they can listen to Harry Potter on a long car journey, Ready Player One (narrated by the lovely Wil Wheaton) to reduce the tedium of running on the treadmill or experience The Tempest coming alive when it is read by Ian McKellen (The Tempest).

Should you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Mrs Tonkin on the school telephone number or by email at [email protected].

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