Modern Foreign Languages


The MFL Faculty is made up of the French, German and Spanish Departments. Before joining the school parents and guardians are consulted as to whether there is a strong reason for their child taking a particular one of the three languages that we offer.

The MFL Faculty is committed to creating a safe learning environment, which allows students to develop their confidence and make progress in the language. Throughout KS3 we aim to see students become more and more proactive in lessons, eager to take part in the language learning and in the development of greater cultural awareness.


The Team
Mr J Robertson (Faculty Leader)    –
Miss I Munroz (Assistant Faculty Leader)    –
Ms I Beaurain    –
Mrs H Dixon    –
Mrs L Jackson    –
Mrs R Giles    –
Mrs A Melo    –


Time Allocation
Year 7 – 5 lessons per fortnight
Year 8 – 5 lessons per fortnight
Year 9 – 4 lessons per fortnight


Linking Language Learning with English Literacy

We consider the learning of a second language to be an important and transferable life skills, which is closely linked to students understanding and ability to use English. This is one of the reasons why students in year 7 have 30 minute lessons of English and 30 minute lessons of a second language almost every day (9 times a fortnight).


Setting arrangements
All year 7 groups are based on ability in English, this is done partly to facilitate us teaching MFL and English literacy 9 times a fortnight. Groups in Years 8 and 9 are mixed ability.


Homework will either be a reading/writing homework or a learning homework (usually alternated). Students will be expected to spend between 30 to 50 minutes a week on homework.
There will be 3 formal assessment points spread throughout the year in the 4 skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking, as well as progress checks every 3 to 5 weeks.


Useful websites to support students


Progression to KS4
The majority of students will go on to study one language at GCSE.

Please click on the links below for further curriculum information specific to each language:

 arrow   KS3 French Teaching Outlines 2017-2018

arrow   KS3 German Teaching Outlines 2017-2018

arrow   KS3 Spanish Teaching Outlines 2017-2018



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