Numeracy & Literacy Catch Up Funding

What is it?

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding from the Department of Education to support our Year 7 pupils who did not achieve at end of KS2 expected standard in reading and/or mathematics.

The allocation of this funding is calculated by the size of the intake and the proportion of this that did not reach Age Related Expectations (ARE). The amount received by Ridgeway School in 2017-18 was £19085.


What do we do?

We assess the individual needs of each of the students who attract the Year 7 catch-up premium to decide the best way to use the funding. We carefully monitor the progress of all of our students and design a range of programmes and approaches that we know are effective.


How do we do it?

  • All Year 7, 8 and 9 students are screened using a diagnostic reading and spelling test on ‘Accelerated Reader’ (AR).
  • From Sept 2016, all students in Year 7 and 8 will follow the ‘Accelerated Reader’ – a programme that supports students in reading, enjoying and understanding texts.
  • All vulnerable students in Year 8, 9 and 10 will also have access to AR if they are making below expected progress in English or their reading scores are below their peers or the national average.
  • All previously lower attaining students are supported in their mathematics and English classes by smaller class sizes in the bottom sets, and small booster groups have also been created to address individual needs.
  • If students are identified as not making expected progress they can then access the additional intervention lessons in English and mathematics. There are 17 hours of additional teaching time per fortnight that could be used to work closely with these students.
  • We have adapted the curriculum in Year 7 to provide all students with a daily English/MFL lesson to support the development of comprehension, gramma, reading as well as an introduction to another language


How do we know if its working?

In September there were 54 students in the current cohort that had not reached ARE in English or Maths (or both).

Accelerated Reading and Lexia literacy support programme has resulted in an average net improvement in Reading Age of +

An analysis of the internal data generated for cycles reports from Assessment weeks and teacher feedback show;

In English (September: 14.8% did not meet ARE in their SATs) Cycle 3 100% are meeting or exceeding their FFT5 target

In Maths (September: 16.1% did not meet ARE in their SATs) Cycle 3 42.8% are working 1 or 2 grades below FFT5 target; 57.2% are working on or above FFT5 target

In addition to the Catch up funded programme, those students not currently meeting their target grades receive support through:

  • Nurture group
  • Specific personalised education plans developed with the SEN team
  • Behaviour intervention for where student behaviour is hindering progress
  • Growth Mind-set intervention for students with low resilience and not meeting target grades
  • SEN interventions for Science and Maths (not just for SEN students, but those with biggest gaps in progress)


What is the plan for this year?

The allocation for the current academic year (2018-19) is £19149.  The planned spend for this year’s allocation is outlined in the table below:

Activity Impact Cost
Accelerated Reader Subscription Reading development programme with regular testing to build confidence and understanding of texts £8500
Lexia Comprehension software licences Software programme to develop phonetic development, comprehension and spelling £2500
Literacy Leaders Programme Training and resourcing for KS4 peer reading leaders to deliver programme of intervention during mentoring across the year – with targeted intervention in Year 7 £300
Small group catch up support for Literacy and Numeracy Targeted intervention with small groups to develop confidence and competence in meeting and accelerating KS2 expectations for reading and maths £3500
Reading Enrichment Activities (eg Novel Night, Harry Potter Event, visiting authors, Swindon Lit Fest etc) and prizes to support engagement in reading £2200
Additional/Replacement books in the Learning Resource Centre Supplementary books, targeting the Level 3 readers on the Accelerated Reader programme to enhance the range of material for less confident readers £800
Summer School Targeted intervention for all students below ARE prior to joining in September, to support transition and develop core skills and confidence £1200
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