Physical Education


The Physical Education Department is dedicated to promoting a learning environment which Encourages active participation in a wide range of physical activities both in school and extra-curricular.Develops students physical, teamwork and communication skills.

  • –  Prepares students to analyse performance and provide supportive feedback for their fellow peers.
  • –  Ensures students can make informed decisions and lead an active healthy lifestyle.
    • –  Encourages competition where students represent their House and have a sense of belonging, and students are respectful of each other, the rules and etiquette.
  • –  Raises student’s self-esteem, attainment and encourages a lifelong enjoyment of physical activity.


The Team
Mr Mark McMeeking (Head of Department) –
Mrs Georgina Allbrook-Dunn (Acting Head of Girls PE) –
Miss Sophie Collins (PE Teacher) –
Mr Alex Hill (PE Teacher and Assistant Principal) –
Miss Dawn Blackler (PE Teacher and Safeguarding Officer) –
Mr Russell Driver (PE Teacher and Assistant Head of Sixth Form) –
Mr Richard Fouracre (PE Teacher and Maths Teacher) –

Time Allocation
In KS3 each PE class is allocated 4 lessons across a fortnight (2 lessons in Week A and Week B)

Setting arrangements as of 2016/17

Year 7
Initially all Year 7 students complete their PE Baseline Assessment (September) in mixed ability groups
5 Groups on Year 7R, so mixed Nurture group and both boys and girls groups are set on ability

Year 8
3 PE classes on each side of the timetable (8R & 8S). 1 more able Boys and girls group, alongside a mixed sex Nurture group.

Year 9
Students choose which ‘Outwitting Opponents’ Option they wish to follow alongside a compulsory Fitness Block until October half term.
Students then choose their preferred ‘Pathway’ Option from October half term until Easter.
Creative Option – Dance, Gymnastics, Trampolining.
Outwitting Opponents Option – Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Badminton
Water & Alternative Option – Swimming, Personal Survival, Ultimate Frisbee, Handball, Golf

(All setting arrangements are made in consultation with the whole PE Department, based on the demands, challenges and make up of each cohort)


Progression From KS3 to KS4

Throughout KS3 we aim to develop fundamental skills across a range of physical activities, developing student self-confidence, attainment and enjoyment. In Year 9, students start to specialise in the physical activity (Pathway) where their strength and enjoyment is. Part of this process encourages students to take responsibility and ownership of their PE lessons and seeks to foster leadership, respect and maturity ready for KS4 PE.

In KS4 all students will have the opportunity to continue with core PE. In addition the Faculty runs two  qualifications that  students can take as part of the options programme, GCSE Physical Education or Level 2 BTEC Sport.


Please click here to view KS3 Teaching Outlines 2016/17


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