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4 February 2021

On 27th January 1945 Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated, and although not the first camp to be liberated, nor the last, this was the biggest.

Camps like this enabled the Nazis to commit their genocidal acts against millions of people on ideological grounds. As a result the 27th January every year is Holocaust Memorial Day.

Year 9 students are currently studying the Holocaust within RE or History and have been able to reflect on this period of history throughout the term, and an 'assembly' page has been created for the VLE which allows students of all ages to access appropriate sites to research or find out more for this.

The theme of this years' Holocaust Memorial Day is to 'be the light in the darkness' and having been asked to reflect on this, the photography students have created a gallery which Mr Millard and Mr Cowling facilitated: Their responses can be seen here, and if you do anything today, please do look at this, and share with your mentor groups today, as the work is truly amazing and shows how well our students can reflect and create some beautiful images.

The students involved:


Karyn Brooks

Rebecca Honeywill

Tristan Hatcher-Jukes

Aleezay Mizra

Megan Greenwood


Charles Bish

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