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Penfriends in Germany

6 May 2020
Penfriends in Germany

Before the lockdown began, we set up a link with a school in the town of Salzgitter in Germany, which is the twin town of Swindon. Mrs Parry was able to put us in touch with a teacher there called Mr Chant, who is originally from England, but now works and lives in Germany teaching English.

Every two weeks or so the students in 7S/ GM 1 write to a student in Germany in German and their counterparts in Salzgitter write back in English. The correspondence has been maintained throughout the lockdown with the teachers passing on emails to students.

In the picture you can see an example of Sarah-Lou Trotter's work and the reply she got from a German girl called Jette-Marie. The students write about all kinds of things: what they have been doing lately, what they think of their schools, what music they like, and how bored they are feeling right now!

It’s great to see our students working hard on their languages and making new friends even during the lockdown!

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