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Principal Blog 11th October 2019

11 October 2019
Principal Blog 11th October 2019

Being Proud of Our Community

Well done to our Year 11 community Prefects who have supported Mrs Moody in our ‘Being Proud of our Community’ assemblies this week.

The Prefects put together ideas on how students could and should show their pride in being a Ridgeway School both on site and out in the wider community.

They presented their ideas to Year 7 and 8 students role modelling fantastic student leadership and attitudes.

Culture Club October 2019

There have been two meetings of Culture Club for Year 7 and 8 students so far this term and both well attended with over 30 students. So far the members of the group have learned origami one week and then beginners Swedish the next.

They also got to try out food such as Swedish chocolate bars and customs for other cultures. All are welcome at this club, which meets in room G11 after school on Tuesdays. Each week we learn about and celebrate the culture and language of another country.

Arts Project with Local Artist

Students have partaken in an Arts Project, sponsored by Swindon Borough Council’s Forestry Commission and Wroughton Parish Council. Ceramic Artist in residence Samantha Silverton worked with the group to produce six signs which have been installed in the nearby Common Farm Woods and Blackhorse Farm.

We held a ceremonial opening by the Honey Bees sign (accessed behind Wroughton Juns) on Monday 7th October. Local residents remarked on how impressed they were of the sculptures. Students should be very proud of what they have achieved towards enhancing the local community.

ASC Theatre Trip

This week, the students in ASC visited the Town Hall Theatre to see “To the Edge of the World in 80 Days”.

For many people with autism, technology (iPads, phones etc.) provides a ‘safe refuge’ to take a break from the real world and de-stress. Like any emotional/mental refuge, its usefulness can be marred if it becomes excessive, so this needs to be carefully managed. Another aspect of this refuge is that it can mar the distinction between live and recorded performance, leading to inadvertent antisocial behaviour during the former.

Silver Block was therefore delighted when the opportunity arose to attend a performance of “To the Edge of the World and Back” by Peepolykus (people like us) Theatre Company and Partners Theatre Company, where the actors, through varying conditions, all experience obstacles to social integration.

The theatre has a floor level stage which put the audience at eye level with the actors, making it almost impossible not to realise throughout that it was a live performance. The witty, engaging production kept its audience enthralled throughout; it also had a moral woven through the story, concluding that emotions may be so overwhelming at times that we often wish we could get rid of those that hold the most pain for us, they all have their place in our lives and are even vital. As a result, our students not only had the opportunity to learn how to behave during a live performance but also to understand, a little better, the value of all their emotions.

The event was backed by Swindon Borough Council, Arts Council England and Reach Inclusive Arts, to whom we are also grateful for this opportunity.

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