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Principal Blog 16th October 2020

16 October 2020
Principal Blog 16th October 2020


On Thursday as part of Black History Month a group of incredible Year 13 students filmed a candid and inspirational conversation in which they shared their experiences, hopes and challenges growing up in Britain as young people from minority ethnic families. If you have a few minutes to spare to watch this - I was genuinely moved and educated by hearing our students being so articulate, informed, passionate and progressive in raising awareness and their openness to share.

A big thank you to Miss H Buttery for her time and support of the students to pull this together.

If you see any of these students please let them know how it made you feel - they would be really pleased to hear as they were very motivated to share their views and feelings on this.


Since PE has restarted in September, KS3 students in Years 7, 8 and 9 have engaged in a House Sport Summer Games competition. This has focused on Athletics, using the knowledge they have gained from online learning over Lockdown and applying them into a practical lesson.

Each lesson has involved running, jumping and throwing events such as the 100m, long jump and shot put. League points have been awarded to the students based on their performance in the events as well as teachers awarding bonus points for effort, enthusiasm and technique. Individual house points have also been awarded to students have has shown the qualities of the school values.

The Final League Standings are shown below:

Year 7

1st Silbury 25

2nd Kennet 21

3rd Barbury 18

4th Avebury 16

Year 8

1st Silbury 99

2nd Avebury 81

3rd Kennet 80

4th Barbury 61

Year 9

1st Avebury 38

2nd Silbury 33

3rd Barbury and Kennet 29

Congratulations to the winning houses in each year group!

A massive well done to all students who have represented their house in this competition. It has been great to see you all do your best and your Heads of House are very proud of your efforts!

Please follow the House and PE Twitter pages for more updates and information on house activities, event and sport competitions:

@HouseRidgeway @RidgewayschPE

Have a great half term everybody – stay safe and enjoy the break.


The honour of receiving permission for the only out of school trips this year so far was not taken lightly by our R6 A-level Geography, as we embarked on two-day time journeys to both Bristol and Bournemouth. With the aim of seeing first-hand the effectiveness of data collection methods that we will go on to use in our own independent investigations in the coming term.

On our first excursion to Bristol, we focused on human geography investigating urban regeneration of Cabot circus and the surrounding area. Overall, we conducted a range of data collection techniques from ‘home town, clone town’ surveys, environmental quality assessments and pedestrian/ traffic counts. Conducting these primary collection techniques will undoubtedly help towards collecting our own data in our independent investigations. Thankfully, we were not deterred by the torrential rain that we faced on the day and continued with enthusiasm. An extra advantage to the day was the addition of Mr Voisey to our geographical team. Being a Bristolian himself, he provided a useful insight into not only the history of the area but also the modern changes, for instance pointing out the remaining plinth of Edward Colston’s statue recently of interest in the media. This knowledge aided our overall geographic understanding of the popularity and pedestrian flows in these areas.

On our second excursion to Bournemouth, the weather was much more palatable when rocking up to the beach in the school mini buses. Our aim was to investigate coastal processes and how they are being managed along Bournemouth beach, specifically the process of longshore drift being mitigated by the use of groynes. We performed a range of data collection measuring drop heights, length of groynes and even throwing the odd apple into the sea to calculate the rate of longshore drift. To say the least we got a few odd looks form the locals while conducting this research. After exploring the coastal processes, we headed into Bournemouth centre a short walk away and conducted similar surveys to Bristol like environmental quality assessments, ‘home town clone town’ surveys and pedestrian counts. It was extremely helpful to compare two different areas and how they are influenced by shifting flows of investment and people. After a day filled with intense data collection we manged to fit in a round of crazy golf and a couple of ice creams in the spare time we had left before making the journey back.

Overall the two geography excursions we partook in will be extremely helpful as they allowed us all to practice essential data collection techniques. Of which we will be using within own independent investigations and can provide an essential foundation for future research projects when continuing on education at university and beyond.

Article written by Year 13 Geography students.


On the 26th of September, the Languages’ Department celebrated the European Day of Languages by inviting Year 7 students to enter a baking competition.

A lot of students took part in this delicious competition and languages teachers are now voting to decide on first, second and third places.

Well done Year 7s and thank you for your contribution!

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