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Principal Blog 20th March 2020

20 March 2020
Principal Blog 20th March 2020


Our autistic students love a puzzle! They had a great time following a series of clues around the Outlet Village area (left by a ‘mole’) in a scenario where foreign agents, plotting a cyber-attack on the rail network, could bring trains to a standstill all over the country! The students had to gather the clues to decipher a code that will halt the attack. Combining the solving of riddles with using gross motor skills they didn’t realise they were exercising, the group navigated their way from one clue to the next whilst learning how to remain safe in high traffic public areas and malls. The railway themed outlet village was so much of an attraction for one student that he completely forgot the ‘mission’ as he told anyone who would listen, the make, model and history of the display items. It is sometimes easy to forget that many of our autistic students have an immense capacity for study and knowledge, as this is often focussed strongly on their obsessions at the expense of learning about the wider world. Part of the work in Silver Block involves helping the student to broaden their obsessive interests into related areas and beyond, in order to better access the curriculum and be ready for further and higher education and the world of work. Needless to say, our students found all the clues and solved the mission.


On Friday 6th March six Year 9 girls went to Nationwide for a data event. Lauren Chant, Natalie Trowbridge, Marissa Morter, Ifra Syed, Lucy Walker and Stephanie Harkness, all enjoyed learning about different types of careers that involve data mining, trying their hand at some of these jobs as well as practising their problem solving skills. The group also had a presentation from a space scientist. All the girls enjoyed hearing about potential careers that they could get involved in and seeing how their current skills could be applied in the real world. A fantastic STEM event that we all got something from.

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