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Principal Blog 20th November 2020

20 November 2020
Principal Blog 20th November 2020


Thank you to everyone that supported the Poppy Appeal this year. We raised £157.71, which considering the restrictions was very a positive contribution. Thank you.


Children in Need was a great success this year having raised £1493.85. We are immensely proud of everyone for getting involved and here are some of the ‘dress as yourself’ teacher contributions. Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable day.


After a fabulous week of virtual authors and poet visits, the final activity has been awarding, at a distance, the prizes for our in-school winners of the illustration, poetry and creative writing competitions. Congratulations to Jaina, Thomas, Eliza and Massa. A big shout out to Jaina whose creative writing (below) entry was awarded 2nd place in the whole Swindon school’s competition – a fantastic achievement! So here’s to LitFest21 which we hope will be in person!

Black. All she could see in the thick smoke was darkness, formed in the shape of a tower looming over her. Gripping tightly, her knuckles turned white and the rusted metal left painful imprints in her palms. The girl had to get there, before it was too late. Peering at the distance she had scaled, the chalky grass looked lifeless and still, like an artifact in a museum. Do not look down she chided herself, reaching for another grip on the sharp steel.

Other than the intense grinding of metal ringing in her ears, her breathing got heavier and forced as she wheezed for clean air. The girl felt like she was inhaling tar, her lungs screaming and pleading for a breeze. Despite it all, she pushed on, wiping beads of sweat off her hot, flushed face.

If only she had stopped it in the start before it got worse. If only she could have stopped millions dying as they gasped and choked for air. The world was dying, after everything they had been through.

As she clambered up the silver cage, the girl thought about the day it all began. The blaring TV sounded through the house, her parents shouting over the noise- Shuddering, she continued climbing, her hands covered in grime and cuts. She winced in pain. On the TV, there were entire countries covered in smog, crying children and shouting parents as they- The heat seemed to overpower her thinking and the girl let herself slowing down with each advancement she took. Her clothes stuck to her and the world started to spin. People were shouting on the screen, pictures flashing of polar bears going extinct and entire continents raging with flames, everything burnt to a rubble. She collapsed. She watched as the factory produced more smoke, enveloping her in a box of black. Black. All she could decipher in the thick smoke was darkness formed in the shape of a tower looming over her.

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