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Principal Blog 26th November 2021

26 November 2021
Principal Blog 26th November 2021


On the 19th November last week despite it being a chilly Friday morning, centre court became the scene for much entertainment and warmth.

During lunchtime, the House Team and colleagues from across the School came together to run a series of activities for Children in Need!

This included: (the ever popular) sponge the teacher, with Mr Lloyd, Miss Haigh, Mr Brace, Mrs Blackler, Miss Stevens; and Mr Atkins all taking fire from the barrage of soaking sponges sent flying their way – for an additional donation, Miss Haigh and Mr Atkins were even subjected to a bucket and bottle of water being poured on them respectively. Leaving Miss Grindey rushed off her feet keeping up with the flow of donations for a sponge.

At the far end, Mr Hurd didn’t escape either – having volunteered his arms to be waxed, with donations earning a wax strip each! Well done Mr Hurd, but ouch, that’s got to hurt!

Could you throw a ball to land in a cup? Could you hit a stack of cups from a distance? Many (competitive) students tried, many failed, but equally some showed great skill in these fairground-style games. So much so, that Miss Raeburn, Miss Quirk, Miss Schippers and Mr Chilcott were non-stop in managing these for the students.

In all, these were a busy – but also wonderfully enjoyable – two lunchtimes for charity.

£374.87 WAS RAISED IN TOTAL for CHILDREN IN NEED, which was extraordinary – a excellent testament to what students (donating and participating), parents (supporting and donating), and staff (volunteering) at Ridgeway can achieve together!!!


NOVEL NIGHT… As English Literature A-Level students, we were delighted to attend the first English Department Novel Night of the year! Alongside KS4, we discussed Angela Carter’s short story collection as a group of Ridgeway students. They were all so lovely and hot drinks and cakes were provided, which was a bonus along with the exciting discussions of The Bloody Chamber. We laughed, discussed all literary aspects and were grateful for the time given to have a discussion about new books and widen our variety in literature. Thank you, Ms Hatch and the English department for organising and hosting this. Looking forward to the next Novel Night!

ASC ACTIVITIES… Our targeted ASC activities this week included a Secret Santa shopping trip for the Year 7s and gingerbread decorating for the Year 9s. Town centres can be a strong challenge for anyone with autism, especially during the festive season. However, our group drew strength from the company of their peers and key workers and coped well with the crowds. They also had to research the interests of their ‘secret santa’ in order to buy an appropriate gift (many autistic youngsters have difficulty understanding that other people have different interests from their own) and within the budget. They were introduced to the concept of considering several alternatives before making a purchase. Meanwhile, back in Silver Block, the Year 9s were getting to grips with using icing to add seasonal decorations to gingerbread men and biscuits. The challenge here is the sticky, runny nature of the icing sugar and adapting motor skills accordingly. After a bit of practice (and dealing with the associated sensory issues) they achieved some very festive results. The Year 8s were out on the field, having been very lucky with the weather, taking part in fun, whole-school-year activities.

CPA NEWS… Our brilliant students have started rehearsing for this year’s Christmas showcase which takes place on the 14th and 15th of December! Tickets go on sale from the 6th of December, make sure you do not miss out!

Also, rehearsals are underway for our National Theatre connections play ‘superglue’ which our fantastic students cannot wait to perform early next year. Photos below.

CHRISTMAS FAYRE… Come along to our spectacular Winter Wonderland Christmas Fayre on Saturday 4thDecember 2-7pm. We hope you can join us for a little festive cheer and find that special gift for someone special this Christmas, whilst at the same time supporting The Ridgeway School. Come along and visit Father Christmas from 2-5pm. We look forward to seeing you there. Please see flyer below.

POPPY SALES… Thank you to Mrs S Fletcher and Mrs J Walke for raising over £100 by crocheting poppies for The Poppy Appeal. Very talented ladies. Photos below..

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