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Principal Blog 27th September 2019

26 September 2019
Principal Blog 27th September 2019

Create Art & Design Exhibition 2019

Last week we held our annual Create Art & Design Exhibition 2019 which was a celebration of the huge range of talented artists we are lucky enough to have across GCSE & A Level Art, Textiles, Graphics, Product Design & Photography at The Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College. We had just over a thousand visitors to the exhibition throughout the week from current students, to ex students, parents, staff and the general public. The feedback about the standard of work at the exhibition was so positive.

A number of visitors to the exhibit stated that the work was better than work they have seen in London galleries!!! We were particularly impressed with our current Year 13 artists who spent hours planning and assembling their own art work in imaginative and exciting ways in the exhibit. One student even created their own art studio which included a bed inspired by Tracey Emin's famous "Unmade Bed." Just outstanding!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came along and supported our hard working, dedicated and inspiring young artists. We are currently still counting the last few votes of the "People's choice award" the results are very close at the moment... Watch this space!! Winners will be announced on Friday 27th September on the school website and on the art department social media pages. Prizes will be given out in assemblies next week.

Instagram: @watts.mrs "Ridge way to the arts"

Twitter: @art_ridgeway

Facebook: @ridgewaycpa Creative & Performing Arts at the Ridgeway school

We could not be more proud of our creative and exceptionally talented GCSE and A Level students!

Taste of The Ridgeway

In the school holidays, The Ridgeway school were joined by 35 Year 6’s attending our ‘Taste of Ridgeway’ Summer Programme to prepare for their start with us in September. The intention of the programme is to combine fun and games alongside educational activities to enable a smooth transition from Primary School to Secondary School.

We have designed the programme to provide students with the opportunity to experience a further insight into The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College (and what we have to offer). The programme gave students a chance to participate in some fun activities as well as develop their numeracy and literacy skills, providing them with a great start and a boost in confidence for September.

We ended the three days with a presentation, where friends and families joined us to taste the students cooking and experience first-hand what we have achieved.

Many thanks to all The Ridgeway staff who gave up their time to make this such a success.

Golf Champion

James White, one of our GCSE PE students has come on leaps and bounds over the summer in his Golfing. He is now able to enter a top mark grade for his GCSE practical. James won a number of trophies at golf week at Wrag Barn Golf Club. James handicap came down from 8 to 6 which is brilliant. He came third in the junior club championship after 36 holes.

Summer Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Jasmine Vasquez Doran and Jiya Arora who helped run the Summer Reading Challenge on behalf of Swindon Library service. They demonstrated reliability, excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently and collaboratively.

It has been a pleasure to have them as part of our team and I thought you would like to know about the positive contributions made by your pupils for such a worthwhile project. The community outreach team wanted to forward on and send their thanks!

Silver Block ASC Bus Training and Football Golf

One of the most difficult activities to engage with if you are autistic is public transport. It can be noisy, smelly and crowded. There are also unwritten rules, like not sitting in your usual seat when it is next to someone else, when the rest of the bus is empty.

Silver Block students caught the bus from Wroughton into Old Town last week, practicing speaking to the driver and learning the unwritten rules as well as dealing with all the sensory challenges. They visited Jack’s for a beverage – again practicing social skills - then made the same return journey.

This week, we went to play football-golf, having fun and developing teamwork skills/taking turns whilst learning that rules can be melded and adapted to make a new set of rules and a new game. The weather was kind and everyone had a great time.

Outdoor Cooking for the ASC

The challenge for the ASC students on this week’s Wednesday trip was to forage, then cook and eat from a campfire. An aspect of autism can be a very limited diet or extreme fussiness around food and, sometimes, cleanliness. So, at Cooper’s Field in Wanborough, no-one was put off by the muddy woodland path as students were invited to cut a hazel twig, strip the bark using a potato peeler and use it to skewer and make toffee apples over a campfire.

Our host demonstrated how to prepare wood for a fire, which woods/barks burned best and how to safely light a fire using a fire steel. Each student was expected to take at least one bite from their apple – a challenge all the students rose to – and most ate the whole apple! A kettle was also placed over the fire and the toffee apples were washed down with a cup of drinking chocolate. Everyone enjoyed the trip, and the staff who went along were proud of the students, who all rose to the challenge.

European Day of Languages

To mark the European Day of Languages, students in Years 7 and 8 came into school early on the 26th September for a special breakfast. Their parents were invited too and they tucked into all kinds of foods such as croissants, Greek yogurt and waffles.

The Spanish churros y chocolate went down very well. This was really about celebrating the culture of other countries and their typical foods. Well done to Mrs Melo for all her work in organising this event.

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