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Principal's Blog 12th July 2019

12 July 2019
Principal's Blog 12th July 2019

FAME - The Musical

Last night I had the privilege of spending an evening witnessing our students in song, dance and theatre on our school stage yet again concluding what our CPA team produce should be on the west end not our rickety school stage.

To see the likes of Bertie, Anastasia, Holly and others coming out of the shadows to perform with boldness. To see the next generation have their moment in the spotlight and witness a whole staff team pull together from the props and artwork, to backstage, to front of house to refreshments. Such a brilliant night! Thank you Sharon, Becki and team for making it happen. Without their leadership these students would be stuck in self-consciousness. Words cannot describe the feelings and how impressed I am.

The Principal.

External Examiners at The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College

It’s at this time of year, when students GCSE and A level students have left and completed their exams, that everyone perhaps takes a moment to breathe. Consider however, the many external examiners in the school for whom this is the busiest time of the year. Not only are these external examiners able to use their expertise to support students and develop staff throughout the year, they are integral to ensuring accurate results for students all over the country on results day in August.

Huge shout out to them!

Gina Moody: OCR GCSE Economics. Examiner / Team Leader.

Ruth Davies: AQA English Language Paper 1

Megan Humphries: AQA English language paper 2

John Robertson: AQA GCSE French, AQA French and German A level

Grant Mitchel: OCR GCSE Computer Science: Paper 2 - Algorithms & Programming

Helen Buttery: History Pearson (Edexcel), Politics Pearson (Edexcel)

Shanti Francis: A level Statistics for Cambridge International.

Josie Meredith: AQA GCSE Geography

Dawn Blackler: Assistant Principal Moderator GCSE PE (AQA), Assistant Principal Examiner GCSE PE Paper 2 (AQA)

Fiona Williams: Senior Marker GPS (Pearson), A level English Cambridge International, Assistant Principal Examiner AQA English paper 1

Georgina Albrook-Dunn PE paper 2 for AQA GCSE.

Sarah Stewart: GCSE Religious Studies - Islam for AQA

Jess Mowat: AQA GCSE 8035 Paper 1 this year for Geography

Helen Buttery: Pearson(Edexcel) as an Examiner for both A Level History and A level Politics

Inga Beaurain: Edexcel 1FR0_4H which is the French Higher writing paper

Science Department Trip to Bristol Zoo

On Thursday 4th July, the Science Department took year 7 to Bristol Zoo. Reviews included -Five stars: Best school trip EVER!

Students were able to wander around the zoo at their own pace with their friends, watch the gorillas being fed with a talk from the zoo keepers, race each other and compare their speeds to cheetahs, as well as seeing all the little animals the zoo has to offer. The education session taught them about ecosystems, how we affect them and how we can protect them – and students were even given the opportunity to hold snakes, lizards and cockroaches!

Here is Jacob Sweet to tell you about the day from a student’s point of view.

"When we got there we were allowed to roam around for at least ten minutes, then we would meet up at the aquarium and we would explore fish, and many more animals, then we got to hold a cockroach and that got a bit crazy… they were crawling everywhere! They were falling out of people’s hands and people were screaming and it was all chaos! Then we had lunch we could eat where we wanted. We also did activities like: How long can you hold your breath? How long can you stand on one leg? How fast can you run? How long can you jump? Then we had a talk about animals then we went to the gift shop and then we got on the bus ready to go home."

Congratulations to Leah

A huge congratulations to Leah Hearn who spoke in front of 100 students and parents from across Swindon as part of her completing her Villiers Park programme. Lean has taken part in the Villiers Park programme for the last two years and has held an employee event where a local district nurse came into school to speak to and inspire younger students, mentoring with a team leader from Villiers Park. She also attended the residential trip to Oxford University and has now set her sights on her post 16 accomplishments. We were extremely proud of Leah and her confidence and passion throughout her speech.

House News

Term 5 and 6 has been exciting for our students as we have all taken part in the annual Sunflower Competition with each mentor group received a seed and plant pot and some soil. Each group had a free rein on how they wanted to nurture and grow their sunflower and we had some fantastic results.

Congratulations to the winning mentor groups who have received a Pizza celebration lunch as a reward for all of their hard work.

10A2 - 9S2 - 8B2 - 7K1

The staff prize goes to Miss Blackler.

Students were also asked to create a guide on how to grow and look after the perfect sunflower. The winners of the sunflower guides were:

10S1 and 7S1

A huge congratulations to all students who took part and show fantastic teamwork and leadership skills.

Thank You From

WHILST WILTSHIRE MIND is affiliated to Mind (national organisation), we are responsible for our own fundraising and receive no financial support from national Mind. We are heavily reliant upon kind donations such as yours and fundraising events to continue to deliver our valuable services. Thank you for your generosity. Your donation OF £261.44 will really make a difference.

RSPCA - Your donation of £311.79 is already on its way to changing an animal's life. Thank you so much for your kindness.

MacMILLAN CANCER SUPPORT - Your donation of £261.44 will help Macmillan to be there for people living with cancer and their families, giving them all sorts of support when they need us most. This could be anything from a chat with someone who understands, to providing expert cancer information they can trust.

Wiltshire Chef of the Year

Congratulations to Katherine Powell in Year 10, who won the Wiltshire Chef of the Year competition this week. She was given incredible praise by two Michelin starred chefs, who couldn’t believe the skills she has for her age. They have highly encouraged her to take up a career within the catering industry.

She will now have the chance to be mentored by one of these chefs’ on a regular basis in preparation for the South West final on 5th October in Exeter.

This is an amazing achievement for Katherine, she has worked unbelievably hard preparing for this (mum said that she has been making her dish every night for two weeks).

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