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Principal's Blog 13th October 2021

13 October 2021
Principal's Blog 13th October 2021


On Sunday 10th October, 70 of our Performing Arts students from Year 10-13 volunteered their time to perform at a variety event raising money for the Prospect Hospice. It was a long day with rehearsals and two performances but our students did us proud once again! They showed commitment, respect and professionalism throughout the day. As part of the concert there were other choirs from the community and I had so many of their members compliment our students for their manners, positivity and quality of performance. Thank you so much all – you did your school and CPA proud and we are so grateful to be sharing these opportunities with you again. To top it all, £5000 was raised for the hospice. An amazing outcome!


We’re delighted to invite you to our R6 Open Evening, Thursday 4th November, 6pm-8pm.

If you’re currently in Year 11, it’s now time to start thinking about your post-GCSE options. On Thursday 4th November, we’ll be showing visitors why our sixth form is a great choice.

Among the great reasons to join R6 are:

Great academic outcomes

Personalised pastoral support

High quality teaching and academic support

Experience and proven success in university and apprenticeship applications

A variety of study areas suitable for all

Our very own R6 Cafe

Positive teacher relationships

Employability guidance and work shadowing opportunities

A strong community feel

A wide choice of enrichment

If you require any further information, or are unable to attend but would like a tour, please contact Miss H Buttery - Assistant Principal and Head of Sixth Form at [email protected], or by calling 01793846100.


The 2021-22 academic year was but one week old, but already this year’s House completion was already underway. Year 7’s first few days in School concluded with a live House quiz via Teams, in which 7S1’s super 10/10 score claimed the first win of the year for Silbury House. Much to the delight of their Mentor Mr Corscadden and Head of Silbury House, Mr Hurd.

With Silbury securing success first, Avebury now aim for awesome, Barbury battle to beat them, and Kennet kick into high gear!

The following Friday, with all year groups now back, the scene was set for the first House activity across the School. In a homage to the beloved TV children’s show Art Attack, each mentor group was asked to copy a particular photo of the School. The catch? Each photo was divided into grid squares and every student assigned one grid square to copy. It would only be when the squares were assembled as a whole that a Mentor group’s accuracy would be revealed.

In a challenge embodying the School values of creativity, endeavour, and community over twenty-one successful entries were eventually received.

After much deliberation between the Heads of House the winners were revealed in Mentoring…

In Year 7, 7A1 (Avebury) took the title with their detailed illustration of Silver Block.

In Year 8 it was 8K3 (Kennet) who won gold with their great depiction of Red Block.

Kennet also triumphed in Year 9, with 9K2’s beautiful rendering of Red Block.

While in Year 10, 10B2 took the crown for Barbury with an epic portrayal of Green Block.

Meanwhile, at the top of the School, 11A2’s wonderful interpretation of Silver Block gave Avebury their second win of the day.

It was wonderful to witness the great energy and endeavour that went into all entries, a fact which made judging a winner in each year no easy task. However, at days end and as it stands the current House scores after Art Attack are: Avebury 2; Kennet 2; Barbury 1; Silbury 1.

In the very latest news, an extension has been made to the Mentor Board competition which is currently underway. Whilst the next winner is as yet unknown, what is for sure – with the scores so close, it is still very much all to play for! The Ridgeway House Team

SILVER BLOCK OFF-SITE CHALLENGES… After a long Covid-induced hiatus, Silver Block students are once again engaging with the wider world in the safety of each other’s company and their LSAs. Bassett Down Golf Course offers FootGolf, a crazy game with football-sized holes. FootGolf is a fun way to challenge hard-wired thinking by mixing two sports categories in one; it’s hard to say something is wrong, just because it’s different, when you’re having so much fun. Our year 8s and 9s took a trip to Jacks café. Entering unfamiliar venues is another challenge for many on the autistic spectrum but it is made easier when you are in the company of friends and can order familiar snacks. This challenge will be gradually scaled up in future outings to include catching buses (including studying timetables) and ordering unfamiliar foods. All the KS3 Silver Block students have now had a go at the RockStar climbing wall, taking turns at holding the ropes while each of them climbed, learning the value of teamwork and encouraging others as well as building self-esteem. Carefully selected challenges also continue within Silver Block, helping our Autistic students to learn how to engage with a bewildering ‘normality’.


On Monday 4th October, Year 11 students had the opportunity to attend the Safe Drive, Stay Alive Roadshow. During the morning they were spoken to about the events leading up to a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) and shown how the emergency services deal with the aftermath. The knock on effect of a RTA has on families and friends as also discussed.


At the end of September, Ridgeway’s A-level biology students were fortunate enough to embark on the annual field trip to Swanage. As part of the exam is a practical component, visiting the coast provided an ideal setting to put our theoretical work into practice! Studying the sand dunes of Studland Beach allowed us to gather data about the plants there, before calculating the biodiversity and percentage cover of different species. Spending the evenings in the hostel’s classroom enabled us to learn about the process of succession and we identified the woodland as a climax community. We also recorded our results and drew kite graphs to display our findings. Our free time was spent in the coastal town of Swanage, exploring the local area and avoiding the rain! Overall we had an excellent trip with plenty of opportunities to expand our knowledge beyond the classroom, and gained a deeper understanding of the ecology topic.

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