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Principal's Blog 15th February 2019

15 February 2019
Principal's Blog 15th February 2019

A Magical Evening at Ridgeway LRC

Last Thursday, pupils were transported to the wizarding world as part of Ridgeway Learning Resource Centre’s Harry Potter evening.

Celebrated by Potter fans around the world on 07/02/19, Harry Potter Book Night invites devoted fans to relive the magic of J.K Rowling’s stories and introduce new readers to the series for the first time. Now in its fifth year, Harry Potter Night is recognised through hundreds of events in bookshops, libraries, schools, and people’s homes.

For a few hours, pupils swapped their GCSEs and A-levels from The Ridgeway School for Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLs) from The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In an enchanting feat of transfiguration, the R6 common room was transformed into some of the series’ most memorable locations.

As students entered the common room, they received their OWL report cards and were tasked with completing six bewitching activities in order to obtain their OWLs. These included:

The big wizarding quiz.Word searching and puzzles in Diagon Alley.

Trying and making butterbeer in Hogsmeade.

Writing and sending letters by Owl Post in the west tower’s Owlery.

Sewing and decorating socks for Dobby in Malfoy Manor.

A high-stakes Quidditch tournament with hoops fashioned from upcycled squash rackets, with the golden snitch on hand to settle any draws!

Staff and pupils alike donned their finest wizarding wardrobe as they took part in the evening’s festivities.

The Learning Resource Centre is a fantastic facility that we utilise to excite students about reading and bring their learning to life. We’d like to thank everyone involved in bringing the magic of Harry Potter to the LRC on Thursday.

“A thumpin’ good’un, I’d say!” — Rubeus Hagrid

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Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night 2019 what a rockin’ success! The event was completely organised by our Year 13 BTEC Music Tech students, who are marked on the control of live sound at an event. Students from all years took part ranging from solo singing to several great rock bands performing with gusto! The hall was filled with support and admiration for all the students who performed and our now resident Compere, Dan Amer, kept the audience entertained in-between acts. We’d like to thank Toby Leslie, Annabelle Whitford, Oli Poole and Callum Davies who all did extremely well pulling together this event for their course. Thank you also to all staff and students who supported this event – it was great to see you there!

Mountain and Forest Club

Eight enthusiastic Year 9 students and 2 equally enthusiastic staff members had an early start on a wet Saturday morning. Club members were heading for a walking adventure in the New Forest on 9th February.The objective of the trip was to practice navigation skills using a map and compass on various routes around the forest. The rain stopped not long after arriving and turned into a mixture of sunshine and cloud with a steady breeze. There was a lot of standing water and mud under foot which added to the challenges. Students worked in pairs and took turns to lead the walk. At one point the teams were sent off individually to rendezvous at a set point.

The trail went through the forest and out onto moorland. The distance covered was approximately 5 miles over a period of 4 hours. The sight of the minibus was welcome at the end.

Mr Sims included fascinating facts and stories as the journey unfolded; one about the use of reindeer moss and another about the oak tree: These were the sacred trees of a Celtic forest and it was believed that if you touched a tree then you interacted with the tree’s spirit (Driad) and that was good luck! This is where the idea of knocking on wood comes from!

We were entertained with a brief Trivia pursuits quiz when we reached the magic keyhole whilst waiting for all to arrive.

The final mystery was the discovery of an ID ring from a bird of some kind. After some detective work by Mr Sims, we found out that the ring belonged to a racing pigeon from Surrey. The owner has been notified of the find and the sad demise of his bird. The staff were pleasantly surprised for the gratitude that the students conveyed both during the walk and upon departure back at school. It was very heart warming.

The students had a great day out and are now looking forward to the bronze practice Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the spring.

Year 8 Pre-Valentine Brunch

It was a pleasure to have parents, carers and grandparents at the ‘Valentines Brunch’ on Wednesday 13th February. A cohort of Year 8 students expertly planned cooked and served a range of delicious recipes during the morning, before greeting guests in order for them to sample the goods and see the hard work that had gone into the events. Among other skills which we endeavored to reinforce with students besides the practical food work, is working for the good of the group as a whole, having a say and sharing responsibly by taking other student’s ideas on board and not just their own. We wanted to value everyone’s unique skills and strengths and encouraged the Year 8 participants to help and complement each other to be a great team member.

Guests were greeted by students who displayed excellent ‘front of house’ skills. As people arrived they were offered eats and drinks with a smile and a word of greeting. There was much praise for all the dishes. Of special interest were the savoury mushroom squares and cheese twirls which someone remarked ,’could have been made in shop‘!

The homemade desserts including cream and fruit swiss rolls, chilled cheesecakes and Valentine biscuits were also very popular and disappeared very swiftly! Centre table was a large heart shaped cake which was decorated with great finesse, keeping with the February theme. Before they left all the ladies were presented with a spring bouquet of daffodils, herbs and tied with a flowing ribbon-that was just in case they didn’t get anything on Valentines day.

We are always delighted to welcome guests during the day to school events although we do know for some it’s not easy to attend due to work, transport difficulties and other commitments, so thank you so much for attending as it really does make a huge difference to students when they can show case their skills. We have a talented group of students who should be very proud of their achievements.

Thank you to Waitrose

R6 and The Ridgeway School would like to thank Waitrose Community Matters, for donating £440.00 towards the R6 Well-Being romm. Shoppers dropped their green tokens into our donation box and helped raise this wonderful gift. This money is going to be used to purchase essential things for the room. Many thanks to shoppers for supporting the R6 fund and Waitrose for their kind donation. It is great that the community in Wroughton and Wichelstowe have supported our project- and we will update with photos when we have refurbished the room.

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