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Principal's Blog 18th January 2019

18 January 2019
Principal's Blog 18th January 2019

Mountain and Forest Club

Ten enthusiastic Year 9 students and 2 staff members went on a training exercise to the New Forest on Saturday 13th January. The objective being to practice navigation skills using a map and compass on various routes around the forest.

The weather was cloudy, calm and mild with good visibility. The terrain was boggy in places and undulating. The trail went through the forest and out onto moorland. The distance covered was just short of 6 miles over a 5 hour period. The sight of the minibus was welcome at the end.

The notable moments were:

  • Finding a geocache
  • Finding an unattached antler
  • Inquisitive ponies
  • Discovering a single walking book stuck in mud at a place called ‘Deadman Bottom’

All reminders of the fun and potential perils of walking! The students had a great day out and are now looking forward to the bronze practice Duke of Edinburgh expedition in the spring.

Word of the Fortnight

Having a wide vocabulary is vital for students to understand texts and information. It also enables them to express their ideas more effectively. Therefore, we have introduced a ‘word of the fortnight’ to help students to build their vocabulary. Every two weeks, there will be a different word for students to focus on. The words which will feature as the word of the fortnight are frequently used academic words, such as analyse, constitute and theory. Consequently, the word of the fortnight should benefit students across the different subjects that they study. Students can earn house points for using the word of the fortnight correctly.

Letter to Super Fan Ben

When Bonnie Ross, the brains behind 343 Industries and the Halo Franchise replies to your letter you sit up and listen. That is exactly what happened to Year 9 super fan Ben!

Hi Ben,

This is Bonnie Ross from 343 Industries. I just received your amazing letter packet. My team and I were so inspired by your story and your passion. We were in awe that you have read so many of our books. I have multiple teams at our 343 studio that manage all things Halo universe. I have teams that work on our games, teams that work on our toy business, teams that work on e-sports, teams that work on our books, teams that work on our live action/animation, etc. When I got your letter, I passed it along to the teams that work our books and they were so inspired by you—you made their day.

My favourite books are Fall of Reach (Master Chief’s origin story holds a special place in my heart), Contact Harvest (I love the insurrectionist story), and Silent Storm. What are your favorites and why?

You made a comment in your letter that your ambitions are to do well in school. It sounds like you are on your way, so keep it up. You also noted that you wanted to get into the games industry or work for 343. From your letter, it sounds like you are creative which is great, don’t lose that passion. I don’t know what the curriculum is in the UK, but if you have an opportunity to take some computer science classes at school or outside of school, I’d recommend that you do it (Scratch, Unity, Java). I look at gaming as technology empowering art, storytelling, and creativity. If you can get some experience with computer science classes combined with creative classes I think you will set yourself up well for future gaming job opportunities.

Our team took your picture of books and worked to pick out ones you haven’t read to send to you. We really loved your story and passion, Ben. Keep up the great work. We just sent off one of two packages to you which I hope you will get before the end of the year.

Keep your focus on your education and never lose your passion as they are both so important to your future.

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