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Principal's Blog 21st may 2021

21 May 2021
Principal's Blog 21st may 2021

ASC SRP NEWS… Now that the Covid-19 measures have been somewhat relaxed, ASC and SEN Students are again visiting Greatwood, a charity for re-homing racehorses which also provides emotional and educational support for children who experience difficulties in mainstream education. It's a great confidence builder for our students, who learn to groom, handle and health-check animals many have never encountered before. They also receive tuition on how to keep them safe, clean and comfortably housed, and the importance of companionship. This, along with the accompanying coursework, leads to an NOCN accredited certificate. While some begin their course with trepidation, others join in wholeheartedly; however, we know from experience that every student who takes part gains confidence alongside the knowledge and experience they acquire in the care of animals both large and small.

NUMERACY WEEK… To coincide with National Numeracy day on 19th May, we have had a week focussing on numeracy across the curriculum. We are passionate about making sure our students become confident and competent in using numbers and data to make good decisions in daily life. To this end we have had daily numeracy activities in mentoring this week, which have involved skills such as reading bus timetables and looking at travel costs that might be involved if they have a part time job.

On Wednesday students were also able to participate in subject specific numeracy tasks in all their lessons, to highlight how numeracy skills are important for every single subject – not just maths!

YEAR 9 SPORT LEADERS… The Year 9 Sport Leaders have been back in full action over the last couple of weeks. They have returned with great enthusiasm and very eager to learn. They have shown excellent leadership skills during the sessions when leading a range of different warm up games to each other. Miss Carter-Davies and Mr Wakefield have been really impressed with how reflective they have been during the sessions; they have been brilliant at thinking of different ways to adapt and make the warm ups easier or harder. Over the next few weeks, they will be planning sport specific sessions to hopefully delivery to some primary children next term.

LANGUAGE DAY… Congratulations to our 3 Year 5 Prize Winners who took part in the Languages Day back in March. The standard of entries in our creative competition was exceptionally high this year. They each won £10 amazon voucher.


We are very proud of Year 10 lockdown poet Eliza. A perfect example of how moving words from your head onto paper can create something quite beautiful.


Year 7 student Harry was as happy with his book choice as he was about winning chocolate. Pop-up libraries can take you into a world of adventure and your name doesn’t even need to be Charlie! The school pop-up library is available at break and lunch every day in the Main Hall.

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