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Principal's blog 24th May 2019

28 May 2019
Principal's blog 24th May 2019


Summer is definitely in the air and so is the faint smell of greasepaint as CPA start gearing up for the last push before our production of “FAME” hits the stage on Tuesday 9th July at 7pm and runs until Friday July 12th. Tickets go on sale from the MATHS OFFICE from break time on Monday 3rd June and are priced at £8 and £6.50 Concessions.

Tickets tend to sell out very quickly so don’t miss out!

“FAME…………… ain't seen the best of us yet!”

Matt Adlard Pastry Workshop

On Monday 20th May, Year 9 and 10 took part in an exciting workshop with Matt Adlard, a social media influencer who has cracked America in the baking world. Students learnt lots of new skills, received some great tips for their GCSE practical’s and made delicious Mille Feuilles with Diplomat cream and praline. Matt also demonstrated how to decorate a ‘Swiss meringue buttercream’ drip cake. A huge well done to all students involved.

New Sixth Form Leadership Team

Congratulations to the R6 students who have been successful in their applications for the new R6 Leadership team:

Head Girl – Sky Shortridge

Hello, my name is Skye and I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to become Head Girl. I have been at The Ridgeway School since Year 7, and am approaching my seventh and final year at the school and I am excited to see what this final year brings. During these teenage years I have changed and developed massively in my confidence and work ethic, with the assistance of the endless opportunities and positive atmosphere which the school has provided me. I am honoured to now have the opportunity to participate in creating this same atmosphere for other students, and hope my ideas can have a positive impact. I am currently studying History, Politics and Maths, and hope to attend university to study politics further.

Deputy Head Girl – Emily Smith

Hi, I’m Emily and I am Deputy Head Girl of The Ridgeway School. I have attended the school for the last six years, and now heading into my final year, I am extremely honoured to be a part of the Student Leadership Team. I study English Literature, Geography and Psychology at A-level, and also I love to get involved with PE and intervention sessions for other year groups. From gallivanting around in rural Ecuador to playing rounders matches with my peers. I’m grateful for every experience Ridgeway has offered me and now strive to encourage younger years to do the same. Although Year 13 will prove to be challenging, I am determined to make it the best one yet!

Head Boy – Max Allen

I have been at Ridgeway all the way through since Year 7 and being chosen to be Head Boy is an opportunity, I am very honoured to have been given. I will grasp the opportunity with both hands and aim to give back as much as I can to the school that has helped me so much along the way. I am delighted to have such an amazing Student Leadership Team to spend the next year working alongside helping with all things school and Sixth Form related. A-Levels are a very challenging time for everyone, and I will strive to make everyone’s time at the R6 as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. In terms of A-Levels I am studying Physics, History and Maths as well as a BTEC in Music Technology with the end goal being joining the RAF as a Pilot or Weapons Systems Officer.

Deputy Head Boy – Harry Lowe

Since joining Ridgeway in Year 7, I have always been extremely grateful for all of the opportunities to develop new skills and gain new experiences that it offers the students. I believe that these opportunities for positions of responsibility have prepared me well to fulfill this new role. I am honoured to represent the students as Deputy Head Boy and greatly appreciate the opportunity to give back to the school, s it has done so much for me. I look forward to working with the Leadership Team to help improve the School and the Sixth Form, ensuring every student’s voice is heard. I have many ideas in how we can do this, involving the development of R6 Committees and Events and the transition period of Year 11 into 12.

I am currently studying Maths, Chemistry and Biology with the hope of going on to study Medicine at university.


We would like to pass on our congratulation to Euan McMeekan who has obtained his second degree Black Belt in TaeKwon Do. Fabulous achievement. We look forward to following his success.

Language Skills Day

On Thursday 2nd May we welcomed 95 students from 4 different primary schools for our Languages Skills Day. This is what our Year Nine Language Leaders had to say about helping out on the day:

Today has been an amazing experience and everyone had a great time. At the beginning we were assigned groups and throughout the day we learnt the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears in French, Spanish, German and Portuguese. We did fun activities such as snakes and ladders, find the odd one out and some of the languages leaders performed the story in German. After lunch, there was a competition in the hall and the Year 5s could choose whether to make a poster, choreograph a performance or build a replica of a famous foreign building or landmark. There were lots of great contributions such as multiple Eiffel towers, the Brandenburg gate and fact files about Italy. However, in the end, a hilarious performance of Goldilocks and the Three Bears by some of the students won the prize of “€2000” (fake money). All in all everyone had a wonderful time and it was massive success as well as an enjoyable experience for the language leaders.

The Ridgeway School Promotes

Dementia Awareness The Ridgeway School and Sixth Form College is the first secondary school in Swindon to invite us to give a Dementia Friends assembly to Year 7 pupils. Standing in front of over 300 Year 7’s was daunting, but the pupils were great, they listened and concentrated on what we were saying. Our presentation was shortened to meet the school timings and adapted to make it age appropriate and interactive. The pupils engaged well and responded to our questions thoughtfully, showing a clear understanding. They had a range of impressive and mature questions for us too.

A week after the session, we delivered action slips for the pupils and Dementia Friends badges. The action slips were optional for them to fill in but the pupils were keen to complete them. The photo below shows a few of the actions they decided to undertake as a result of the assembly.

We are looking for more schools, primary and secondary, to contact us about having a Dementia Friends assembly, or classroom sessions. Many of the pupils we have met know someone living with dementia, and it’s important to educate young people so it raises awareness and reduces the fear and stigma of dementia within our communities.

Please contact: [email protected] , Dementia Friendly Coordinator, if you would like to discuss this further or arrange a session.

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