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Principal's Blog 8th November 2019

11 November 2019
Principal's Blog 8th November 2019

The Fallen in the Great War

Year 8 Art Enrichment students have created a beautiful installation in remembrance of The Fallen in The Great War. Approximately 32 students worked excellently on creating a sculpture that incorporates the iconic poppy, silhouettes of soldiers, and newspaper clippings that commemorate the ending of WW1.

Everyone in the Art department was astounded at the work ethic of all the students involved, and as a reward, each and every student has been given three house points for ‘Community’, ‘Creativity’ & ‘Respect’, in line with the school values.

The sculpture will be on display in Reception until the 22nd of November.

Christmas Card Competition

Don’t forget to enter this year’s Christmas Card Competition. Look out for the posters around school or see the Art department for further information.

Please Come Along and Remember with Us

Our annual remembrance concert will be held on Friday 15th November, at 7pm.

Tickets £5 from school reception.

ASC SRP Trip to Laser Quest

Several resilience-building boxes were ticked, by taking our autistic students on a trip to Laser Quest. Those who can’t walk into a dark room, or have difficulty with full-on competitive activities to the extent that they will attempt to avoid them all within school, may accept that challenge in a different environment.

The promise of fun, combined with the peer pressure supplied by those who rushed in headlong into the dark, enabled cautious students to face a room where they couldn’t see what was going on, that had people running around shouting and dodging ‘fire’ and was permeated with the zing of the laser sound effects. Students who can’t deal with competition, having been lulled into taking part, had to face their disappointment if they didn’t win or even get a high score, whilst grudgingly admitting that they also had a great time!

This aspect of resilience building in competition is very important as it helps our students to develop the ability to push through difficulties instead of giving up because everyone else (or sometimes, even one person) is better than them at it (“so what’s the point in me doing it?”). They also got the opportunity to ‘laser’ staff members, which I imagine, was very satisfying!

Novel Night

A very successful Novel Night on Wednesday. It was great to see the interested generated, and so many students keen to read the book. Discussion was lively and engaging – a highly enjoyable evening, and hopefully, the first of many this year!

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