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Sport Relief Raises Funds and Spirits

13 March 2020
Sport Relief Raises Funds and Spirits

Last week, children and staff at schools across the country celebrated Sport Relief 2020. A diverse selection of sports activities took place to raise money for Comic Relief. All of the proceeds are used by the charity to support vulnerable people in the UK and all over the world; a truly worthy cause.

Since launching the first Sport Relief event in 2002, Comic Relief has raised a staggering amount of money — more than £267 million. Although the event is widely celebrated, schools have grown to play a huge part in raising money, and they contributed to this year’s huge total.

The House Team have organised and ran an event called Race Across America where the students as a house will cover the distance from The Ridgeway School to the other side of America and back. This works out over 21,000,000 steps for each house! The students have to count their steps using any methods they can think of (phone apps, FitBits etc). Each week, every house has taken it in turns to visit the sports hall and gym to complete physical challenges to help boost their step count. The House who makes it there and back first, wins!

On Sport Relief Day itself, we have organised a Sports Fair to take place in school. There will be many different sporting activities including rowing, cycling, press ups, sit ups, boxing and plank challenges. The students who are top of the leader board at the end of the day, receive 5 house points each.

We have asked students to collect sponsorship for the Race Across America challenge. This is for the house charities chosen by the students. We have also asked for a £1 donation from each student on Sport Relief Day. This is a non-uniform day where the theme is to dress as your sporting hero, or wear sporting attire.

Liam Burcombe, PE teacher and head of Avebury House said: "Our Race Across America challenge has created a buzz around the school which the students have engaged in well. The effort, energy and enthusiasm has been fantastic. The students have also collected sponsorship for their six week challenge to raise as much as possible for a great cause. A huge well done to all students so far and keep it up"!

At Ridgeway School & Sixth Form College, we believe Sport Relief is much more than just an opportunity for us to take part in a number of fun and exciting fundraising activities. The event teaches children about the importance of charity, being generous, and supporting and helping others. These lessons will help to develop good habits that last long into their adult life.

Sport Relief is such a special event because it allows young people to have fun, spend time together, and experience the joy of raising money to help others. It is something we always look forward to, and the excitement has already begun for Red Nose Day 2020.

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