Through their Science lessons students will be inspired to discover how the world around them works. They will experience a curriculum that is rich and diverse, one that covers the breath of Science and the depth of students’ interest.

The KS3 curriculum is based on a study of the 4 key models that underpin scientific understanding; Cells, Particles, Forces and Energy. Alongside this students will be taught the skills they need to work scientifically. They will learn to use equipment with accuracy and precision, to work as a team, to plan their time and resources effectively and about the wide variety of ways in which results can be presented.


The Team

Mr T Pittaway – Head of Science ,
Mrs C Hockin – Subject Leader Chemistry,
Mrs L McMeeking – Subject Leader Biology,
Mr P Kench – Subject Leader Physics,
Miss M Tuck- KS3 and BTEC Science Coordinator,
Mrs E Travers,
Mr M Wakefield,
Miss C Gallagher,
Mr M Fletcher,
Mr L Gregory,
Miss A Case,
Mr Wilton
Ms L Donaldson,
Mr J Povoas,
Miss H Ornov,



Time Allocation
Year 7 have 7 lessons of Science a fortnight.
Year 8 have 7 lessons of Science a fortnight.
Year 7 have 7 lessons of Science a fortnight.


Setting arrangements
Students are set by ability in Year 8 and 9. But in Year 7, students are taught in mixed abilities.  This is reviewed regularly with changes made as appropriate.


Homework is set regularly as per the school’s Homework Timetable.


Please click on the links below for further information:

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