Sixth Form Staff

Helen Dixon

Mrs Helen Dixon
Assistant Principal, Head of Sixth Form

As Head of R6 I work very closely with the 2 Heads of Year as well as with our Sixth Form Student Advisor and Sixth Form Admin. Assistant so that we can make R6 the best it can be for our students. R6 is a dynamic place to learn and part of my job is to make life at Sixth Form really enjoyable and rewarding for our students.  I do this by ensuring that we have very clear and high expectations, that we provide specific and tailored support for our students and that we offer a diverse curriculum accessible to all.

I support the 2 Heads of Year with interventions and target setting and review as well as with university and job applications. The success of every student is important to me; preparing them for life beyond Ridgeway is key whatever the intended career or path. I always make myself available to students for help, advice or just a simple chat!  The office door is always open!



Miss H Buttery
Head of Year 13

I am delighted to take up the exciting role of Head of Year 13.  My focus is ensuring that students get the support and opportunities they need to make decisions about theirnext steps after R6, whether that is university, apprenticeships or employment.  I work closely with the mentors and of course the R6 team and teaching staff to try and provide a personalised and enjoyable experience in which students voice is heard and their views matter.





Miss S Collins
Head of Year 12

As Head of Year in R6, I work with the fantastic R6 leadership team to ensure all students are making progress towards their intended outcomes and work closely with them to ensure they make the right next step for them; whether that be university, apprenticeships or employment.  I work alongside the team of dedicated R6 mentors to develop and provide a pastoral programme, which supports students in approaching their studies, self-directing their work and balancing academic commitments with extra-curricular activities.  It is my passion to ensure all students progress regardless of ability, gender or background and equip every student with the skills and confidence to thrive at The Ridgeway School and beyond.






Amy Thomson


Mrs Amy Midson
Sixth Form Student Advisor

I am a non-teaching member of the Sixth Form and we all work together to provide support to students from the time they apply to the Sixth Form through to next steps when they leave. I am often the first port of call for parents and students as I am on the end of the phone  and my office is right in the middle of the common room! I offer quite practical 1-1 sessions in time management, study skills, future planning, and work experience placements and I’m around for a chat if stress levels are getting too high. I also work closely with the school counsellor, SENCo and outside agencies, such as Swindon Young carers, to assist with supporting students with a wide range of needs.



Miss E Launchbury
Sixth Form Student Support Assistant

I work closely alongside Amy to ensure all students have support, welfare and guidance.

I process applications for new students and attend and help organise Sixth Form Recruitment events in and outside the school, which is a great way of meeting new students, and giving them their first glimpse of Sixth Form life!

I supervise all independent study lessons, and I help students with any timetable changes, or if they need to amend their independent studies. I monitor their attendance and communicate daily with both students and parents with any queires they may have. I can be found in G14, where I register all Independent Study lessons and follow up on any non attendees.


Mr D Tivenan
Assistant Head of Year

Being the newly-appointed Assistant Head of Year 12 & 13 certainly has some incredible opportunities ahead.  I am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded and supported by the dedicated ladies of the R6 Team.

I work closely with Emma to make sure that the students are getting the best use out of their independent study sessions and monitor the student attendance at those sessions. It is my aim to assist the R6 students to ensure their work/life balance allows them to leave the sixth form as fully-rounded, reflective and successful individuals. But it’s not all boring – having studied at four universities, I’m keen on sharing my experiences of student life and preparing the R6 students for the life of academia.

When needed, I support the R6 team with many of the additional day-to-day activities and step into many of their shoes (should the need arise). You’ll often find me floating around the R6 café, during breaks and lunches. If you have any questions, or just want a chat, just stop me on my way through!

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