BTEC Engineering

Subject Staff Leader
Miss L Hodge –



Board  –  Pearson

Unit 1 – Coursework: Engineering Sectors

Students will get to know industry sectors and how they work together to solve real life problems.

Unit 2 – Coursework—Extended making project

Students will explore the types of materials, components and processes used to make products, then reproduce and test a product.

Unit 3 – Exam

Students to provide solutions to real life problems by creating their own engineered product.


Assessment of Course

The Technical Award has the same weighting as a GCSE and will count as equivalent to one GCSE.

The course has two internally assessed units worth 30% each and one externally assessed exam, worth 40% of the final grade.


Course Content

This qualification is intended for students interested in understanding the working properties of woods, metals and polymers (plastics) and wish to use these materials in a practical way. It will particularly appeal to students who are looking for a course that provides the fundamental skills of engineering to prepare them for further study in this field.

The Technical Award in Engineering will give learners the opportunity to develop an understanding of:

  • materials and their working properties
  • processes and manufacture
  • joining, components, adhesives and finishes
  • commercial practice
  • sustainability
  • careers opportunities.

The Technical Award will appeal to anyone who finds that the application of skills and observations of outcomes aids their learning of theory.

The skills and knowledge gained will allow students to progress to a range of Level 3 courses or an apprenticeship in a related area of employment.



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